more felt flowers

yet another post about the felt dahlia flower.

y’ever have one of those ideas that looks good in your brain but doesn’t quite translate in the execution?  i think i had one of those.  being a fan of scandinavian decor with all the whites and brights, i thought it would be fun to try that in a felt flower after having made several solid color flowers. 

some examples of scandinavian decor i love:

via bolig magazine

via hus & hem

via hus & hem

(gawd, i still want a house so bad.)


so i cut out a bunch of multi-colored pieces of felt. 

and i started assembling.

and it was done.

and i dunno.

to me, it kinda looks like a clown threw up.

maybe it’ll grow on me?

maybe it’ll look okay on the lapel of a charcoal blazer?

in a dark room?


i dunno.

i just don’t know.

now this one i like.  a mustard gold felt dahlia made out of the good wool felt.  (click here for the how-to from “not martha.”)

i think i’m going to retire from the felt dahlias for awhile.  my severance pay from my former job is winding down and i need to spend my time looking for employment.  drat.  real life sets in again.


2 Comments on “more felt flowers”

  1. Linda says:

    Well, it does sort of look like clown vomit………..but HAPPY clown vomit……8-) The gold one is much, much better. Houses are nice, but, remember, when you have one, you are responsible for fixing all of the bad stuff that happens.

    Good luck with the job search………don’t you wish we could all be rich instead of beautiful?!?!?!

  2. fries in a cone says:

    the gold dahlia has been mailed off to another home and i am left w/the big-top circus flower.
    i probably won’t wear it to a job interview.

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