found  (4) of these and a matching table on craigslist yesterday and had to have them.

because in my (unrealistic) mind,  i need and deserve and can and should have a dining room like this in which to eat my daily serving of brown rice and black beans and spinach:

via xjavierx

perfection.  positively gorgeous.  love the floors, the mix of styles, the wallpaper, everything. 

i’m just missing the house part. 


(btw, my tulip chairs and table are not the real deal.  not saarinen.  they’re kreueger knock-offs and they were filthy and the seat covers need to be recovered.  and the table top needs to either be repainted or stripped and stained.)  and have i mentioned i already have a dining room set that i like?   



2 Comments on “tulips”

  1. erika says:

    Hi there!
    I saw your photo on hooping.org last week or so and I thought, fries in a cone? . . . I wonder . . . and since then I have been LOVING your blog! I’m not even a blog person, but I’ve liked it so much, it’s opened me up to other blogs and I feel some crafts coming on for me. Very exciting. Love your photos and finds. Don’t worry about getting another job, you are clearly doing what you are supposed to do. That’s what I think anyways. Have a great weekend!

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