in an effort to jazz up my porch a little, i figured i’d try my hand at some of that party bunting i’ve been seeing all over the place.  i live in an apartment in a house that has vinyl siding (ugh,) so there’s no way to put in hooks for hanging plants.  no way to bring your eye up, as it were.  i need “up high” decor.   that’s the official name. 

via country living

how much do i want to be invited to that party?  (above)  that is, of course, providing it’s not a baby shower and by the looks of the pink flags it could very well be a baby shower and this chick ain’t a fan of the baby shower.  any shower, really.  it’s probably an age thing.  however, if that outdoor porch party was a bunch of women sitting around talking hollywood gossip and the latest design and decor trends, all combined with a nice salad, a side of fries and a tasty summertime beverage, then count me in.  (on second glance, i see there’s a bunny up front – i suppose it could be an easter party – just ignore that baby shower rant.) 

but here’s the thing.  i didn’t feel like sewing.  so i didn’t.  i just cut and glued.  had an ikea fabric remnant laying around so i cut out a bunch of diamond shapes to make 3″ triangles , folded ’em over, glued them to some twine and i had instant ghetto party bunting.  i did edge the fabric with some fray check to keep the edges from fraying (duh, obviously.)

this is only a prototype.  well, i’ll probably still use it and keep it right where it is.   it’s still “down low” decor.  i haven’t made one long enough yet for the “up high” decor.  what i’m troubled by is its circus look.  does it look clownish and cartoony?  what is it with me and the clowns lately?


i’ll just fashion something with vintage flowery patterns and hopefully that’ll get me far far away from the ringling brothers outdoor patio design.


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