more big top bunting

so – i had a bunch of triangle scraps from yesterday’s bunting experiment that i didn’t feel like wasting, despite how the fabric reminds me of a circus.  since i had some baby grommets in the craft supplies dungeon i decided to put them to use.  armed with my morning coffee, i punched holes in the fabric and got busy grommeting. 

i’m still undecided over the fabric, but for today it is good enough. 

thankfully the sun was shining this morning.  the photos i took yesterday were taken right before the skies opened up and we got pummeled with a thunderstorm.  they were a tad dark.  today’s shots are much brighter and it looks like someone happy lives here.  and by someone happy, i mean ronald mcdonald’s BFF.


One Comment on “more big top bunting”

  1. Linda says:

    I really like the bunting. My place is bunting deficient, but I’m thinking of remedying that situation. My big problem is what kind of bunting I want to make. I’m such a chameleon, I like best whichever one I’m seeing at the time…..sigh.

    If you decided you don’t like those any more, you can always put them up for sale! You’re bound to find someone who likes clowns/circuses!

    Keep up the good work. 😎

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