5 movies

cary grant and eva marie saint in “north by northwest”


in the past week i’ve seen 5 movies, all worth noting.  all completely different.  a little something for everyone.


1.  exit through the gift shop.  a movie about graffiti artists.  thoroughly entertaining.  *SPOILER ALERT* – don’t read any further if you want to see this movie on your own without knowing anything about it.   

i feel like i was “bridges-of-madison-county-ed.”  what i thought was a true story turned out to be not a true story. 

that said,  i was intrigued by the whole movie.  and then of course afterwards, went to the BEST little restaurant, a french brasserie, cafe noir, where i had a great little salad with a poached egg on top, some FRIES-IN-A-CONE in a silver bucket.  yah, that’s right.  fries.  in a cone.  in a bucket.  now, that’s some high-class joint.  it totally blows doors on my fries in an upside down birthday party hat (on my blog banner.)  i was in heaven.  not to mention – because i normally have to skip dessert due to food allergies, the chef brought out some blue cotton candy for me.  (so much for cutting back on sugar, but how sweet (ha) was that?!?)

2.  the messenger

netflixed.  brutal.  not an up movie, but a perfect reminder of current war time goings on and apropos for this memorial day weekend.  and i’m a huge fan of woody harrelson.  he and i share the same birthday, although i’ve got a year on him.   

3.  the private lives of pippa lee

probably my favorite movie of the week.  netflixed it.  why wasn’t this movie or robin wright (penn?) nominated for every single solitary award last year?  i just love her to pieces.  great cast, great characters.  and some good furniture.   

4.  sex and the city 2

carrie SATC2 vintage necklace


yes, i went despite bad reviews.  granted, some of the storylines were kinda dumb, but it was good to see my ol’ friends on the screen again.  obviously it was pure joy to see the clothing, the accessories, and the decor.  more importantly, there was a scene in the movie where a woman in abu-dhabi was served FRIES-IN-A-CONE.  i gasped a little.   apparently the middle easterners also enjoy a good potato snack.

5.  north by northwest

1959 hitchcock film with cary grant and eva marie saint.  holy cow – there was a house toward the end of the movie which was gorgeous!  when i win lotto i will have a house like that (even though apparently it wasn’t real.)  but the living room decor was out of this world.  scandinavian modern perfection. 

and there’s your little “a week of movies in the life of me” review.  now go get yourselves some culture.


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