i really haven’t been thrift store shopping in awhile.  not as much as i used to, anyway.  my problem is i’d like to open up a little etsy vintage store, but i can’t commit (and i’ve got the engagement rings to prove it.  bah-dump-bump.)  i just can’t commit to buying stuff i don’t need or want to buy, but stuff i know would sell in a heartbeat were i to open an etsy shop.   i think.  what is it?  is it laziness?  probably a lack of knowledge.  it takes me forever to teach myself how to do anything where the computer is concerned. 

anyway – i was being the “great friend” yesterday and drove to a vacationing friend’s house to water her plants, so i figured while i was out and about and practically there-ish, i might as well take myself to the rich town thrift stores. 

got this little cathrineholm sauce pot (amongst other little odds and ends.) 


i couldn’t commit to buying (3) cathrineholm small orange plates because i thought they were a little expensive for my blood.  but in hindsight, they weren’t.  i don’t need ’em.  but i bet someone else out there does.  so i waffled.  and let them be.  same with a few vintage purses.  i certainly don’t need any more vintage pocketbooks.  but i left (3) of them behind.  and they were cheap.  and i didn’t buy a coffee table and blah blah blah.  i think i’m just being “careful” with my money since i don’t have a job.  but then i think this should be my job.  seeking out the beautiful crap for the world to buy.  do you see my wishy-washyness?  it’s relentless.  oh it’s agonizing living in my indecisive head.

for now, i’ll blame the heat.


the same day i bought my fake saarinen tulip table and chairs set (they’re actually “krueger,”) i also nabbed a great little entryway table/console table.  it’s a hekman.  boy, that was a banner day for finding good stuff at el next-to-nothing-o prices.  i hopped onto ebay and another site selling hekman and found nary a piece of furniture that resembled this.  everything seemed ornate and frilly.  strange.  i must’ve gotten my hekman from their better design days.


and along with that, got an industrial looking table lamp.   from what i can gather, it’s an m.g. wheeler lamp (a version of the “sight light?) 


i like the masculine feel of it.  there might as well be something male in this house.  sad it’s got to be lamps.

and don’t even ask me how to change that light bulb.  i’ve had it for a few weeks now and can’t figure it out to save my life.  sure, great looking design, but c’mon.  changing a light bulb shouldn’t be that taxing on my brain cells.

more culture

i’m an aisle gal.  a side aisle gal.

honestly, i don’t even understand how so many people can sit in the center aisle of a movie theater.  i can’t comprehend going to a movie on a friday or saturday night with a huge crowd.  it is just beyond me.  all those people.

today i went center aisle-style.

dead center.  i sat smack dab in the center of the movie theater.  this has never happened to me – i was the only person watching the movie.  don’t get me wrong, the theaters are usually quite empty when i go, but never TOTALLY empty.  i had a private screening.  i am privileged. 

i think i’m still more comfortable on a side aisle row.


1.)  saw please give.”  it had a little bit of everything.  catherine keener (whom i adore,) NYC, life, death, dating, cheating, insecurities, over-tanning, and hello – a vintage modern furniture store.  what’s not to love?

catherine keener and oliver platt in “please give


2.)  netflixed “more than a game.”  love a true real-life-come-from-nothing-work-your-tails-off-become-something-against-the-odds story.

i now possess super important basketball history knowledge to use to my advantage as small talk to pick up men in bars. 


3.)  completed season 1 of “nurse jackie.”  enjoyed all the flawed characters.  who doesn’t love a drug-snorting nurse leading a double life?

and there you have some wicked good options for your future viewing pleasure.

i went with pink


given the current oil leak disaster happening on the gulf coast, it seems rather unfortunate that the felt dahlias i’ve been making for awhile look remarkably similar to the bp logo. 

ah well.  what’s a gal to do? 

i donned an orange bp flower last night on my thrifted maxi dress, along with donning the false eyelashes that cost more than the dress, and went hobnobbing with a bunch of people i have no business hobnobbing with.  rich folk.   a charity event for the homeless. 

there’s probably a better-than-good chance my dress was donated by someone in this crowd, since it was thrifted in a store down the road from here.  thankfully no-one tapped me on the shoulder and told me they wore a dress just like this to their jr. prom in the 60s.   

the location was SPECTACULAR.  the event itself?  well, maybe rich folk just ain’t my crowd.  the fundraiser was housed in a recently revamped airplane hangar/vineyard.  truly gorgeous. without question.    

but i didn’t hob.  i didn’t nob.  our little party of 3 all agreed music would’ve made for a more lively occasion.  a band would’ve made it killer.  and now that i think of it, french fries would’ve made it killer, too.  you can’t get full on olives and finger food.  what i wouldn’t have GIVEN for one of the waitstaff to leave an entire plate of scallop hors d’oeuvres near me.  as it was, i ate about 3.  not enough.   

and so, what is an evening out without a basket or two of fries?   also unanimously agreed – the highlight was capping our evening off with a quick jaunt to a local restaurant where we dined in style on salad and fries and teeny bottles of prosecco.  the owner brought us even more complimentary fries to chomp on – piping hot fresh french fries.  who gets that kind of individualized service these days???  much better.  definitely more my crowd.

more stuff i don’t need

but is just too awesome to leave behind in the thrift store.

so what if i already own (6) of these in a different shape.  a single girl needs her coffee mugs.  i’m not sure i need, oh, 300 coffee mugs.  (maybe i’m exaggerating.  maybe i’m not.) 

i do love a big bowl to eat my daily rice pasta/beans/spinach/scrambled eggs.  most would call this a mixing bowl.  i call it a breakfast bowl.  i like the handles for gripping.

got a couple trays.

one to match one i already own:

it has a swedish feel to it.  don’t know who makes them but they appeal to me.

it matches this one i bought awhile ago.

i don’t understand what’s going on in this tray.  the man goes fishing, he comes home, the woman says, “screw it.  i hate fish.  eat some turkey.” 

this one is a retro tray with recipes for sauces.  i don’t eat sauces. 

and a dansk denmark cutting board/tray.  i’ll buy anything dansk and wood.

i go back and forth on the type of home i’d like to own.  i see me in a mid-century ranch, a small victorian house, a craftsman bungalow, a little cottage.  i’d take any of those and let’s face it, i tried like a son-of-a-gun to buy a few of those styles last year.  i put serious bids on 3 homes and got crushed each time.  now i think i just need a commercial space with an apartment upstairs and a storefront down below.  cuz i’ve got to get rid of some this stuff.  it just accumulates.  i don’t really need 20 teak trays, do i? 

i don’t know what this is.  it’s too big to be a drinking glass.  you can’t grip it well.  but i like an enamel rooster.  maybe it’s a candle holder? 

and now to break away from kitchen stuff, picked up a 70s boho clutch/wallet-type thing that i’ll totally use. 

that’s it from me today.  our summer-like weather took a little vacation for quite a few days and it’s finally making a comeback today.  sunny and positively gorgeous out there.  i’m going out to enjoy it.  and i’m not going to a thrift store.


speak of the devil…

what are the chances i’d get two fancy-writing envelopes addressed to me in one week?  eerie.

‘cuz who really bothers to do this these days?  nobody, really.  not many put forth the effort.  but some people (me) really appreciate it. 

onto thrifting – i’ve been good.  i’ve been staying away from the thrift stores.  i don’t NEED anything and i don’t really feel like i can spend an extra $5-10 per week on piddly stuff without actually having a job.  i’ve been focusing hard on getting things done that needed gittin’ done.  brought my sewing machine to a town in another part of the state to get a tune-up, and wouldn’tchaknowit – as i was driving back to said town to pick it up a couple days later, a HUGE antique store was having an indoor/outdoor barn sale, so i cranked my steering wheel a hard right and pulled into that parking lot on two wheels.  (this antique store i rarely visit, but did manage to get a $3 franco albini ottoman years ago, maybe one of my best scores ever.)  you see why i had to stop in. 

didn’t buy anything earth-shatteringly good, but my hoarding addiction came rushing back like a tidal wave. 

someone who worked there handed me a wicker basket and i spent the better part of an afternoon sifting through boxes of junk and filling that basket.  i just adore junk. 

and i was reservedrestrained.  i could’ve bought so much more but i held back.  ish.  $10 got me a totes wool fedora (the tag says “rain rolls right off ” and it does!  wore it yesterday and got caught in some serious afternoon rain but remained quite fetching in my new chapeau.)  also a mod flower power lampshade, a vintage glass cocktail shaker, a pink vintage linen tablecloth, a black vintage pocketbook, an old enamel tea kettle/pitcher, a small pyrex pink dots bowl, a couple mini trays, severals pairs of vintage scissors, some cocktail stirrers, and a couple handpainted made-in-japan house plates to go with some other ones i found last year. 

someday i want a house with my very own windmill.

some headless dame.  i looked everywhere for her head.  couldn’t find it. 

and some other miniature dude (dudette?)

these will be my secret friends who will hang out on the porch with me. 

oh no.  i’m well on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady who speaks to her plastic imaginary friends.  except i won’t have any cats. 

and these are the drink stirrers. 

tell me they don’t crack you up.

those faces!

all this thrifting happened on friday. 

don’t even get me started on what i thrifted saturday.  i was a full-blown thrift addict stopping into every thrift store in a 20 mile radius, after an estate sale i got up early for turned out to be a bust.  mostly picked up clothing and accessories, but here’s a preview of some thrifted kitchen stuff i just washed.  i really do need a house.  a house with more closets and more storage. 

that, or an intervention.

little things

it has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”sir arthur conan doyle

i received an envelope in the mail the other day from a complete stranger (long story.)  the envelope was handmade and machine sewn.  there was a handwritten note inside along with some stickers and decals. 

details.  people who pay attention to details.  it’s why i love crafters and creative people.  i understand that time is precious to folks, and so for a person (who runs a business while juggling a family) to take the time to sew an envelope and fancy-write a note to me takes the cake.

this is the sh*t i live for.


do you suppose when i saw that fortune teller/energy reader woman back in march and she said, “i see flowers,” she meant fabric flowers?  it seems i spend a lot of my time of late experimenting with fabric flowers.

that navy blue one (above) is the first one i attempted where you melt the edges of the fabric to make the petals curl.  i’m undecided on this one.  didn’t use quite enough fabric and it seems kind of flimsy to me.

are there steadfast rules on how many garlands/banners/buntings one can hang up on a dinky little porch space?  probably.  but i don’t care.  it’s part of that obsessive compulsive nature of mine making a guest appearance on my porch.

look – my juice matches my coffee mug.  

little known diva fact about me:   i insist my juice match my coffee cup. 

no i don’t.   

that is some bright juice.  orange carrot juice.  i’m drinking the carrots and eating more baby carrots than anyone i know in order to save my eyes from getting any worse and i don’t even like the taste of carrots.  especially cooked carrots.  but give me some hummus and/or salsa and/or tapenade to disguise the taste of a carrot and i’m good to go.  i get the crunch and the carotene bennies.  almost could pass as a potato chip. 

no it couldn’t.

and for a change of pace, here is a photo of a real flower my neighbor picked from his rose garden and brought over to me.

see?  i told you men shower me with bouquets of flowers. 

and for those of you thinking one flower does not a bouquet make, well i say, “cork it.”  it totally counts.

50 cent treasures

before i went to the sunday matinee of “sex and the city 2,” i stopped into my sundays-only flea market to check out the vintage fabrics booth where i picked up a few scrappy pieces of vintage flowery fabric for some non-circus bunting.  and then i wandered down to another booth i like to visit, and for 50¢ apiece, i netted a couple girly accessories.

a made-in-italy red leather change purse and a vintage green wristlet mini-bag.  the green bag actually holds beauty supplies, like a nail file, bobby pins, etc., but i chose to use it as a small handbag to carry the necessities like a cell phone, reading glasses and chapstick. 

and here’s my bag in action:

a pre-dinner beverage on the water overlooking my sailboat. 

and then down the road for dinner indoors at the cutest authentic mexican food restaurant.

mmmmm.  warm spinach salad with a side of rice and a side of beans and a little fruit juice with a salted rim. 

and then back to the first restaurant for dessert.  dessert was a basket of fries.  apparently they’re not allowed to serve food on their deck yet, so we couldn’t get french fries as an appetizer outdoors.  we settled for french fries as dessert as we bellied up to the bar indoors.

ya know, i’m still in complete “turning 50 crisis/meltdown/how’d i get this old this fast without a job without a husband without a boyfriend (without any prospects for said withouts) without a house without children all the while driving a couple sh*tboxes for motor vehicles and dealing with wrinkly knees and saggy armpits” mode.   

(on the bright side, i have an enviable credit rating.  jealous?)

but some days i really have a lot of fun.