50 cent treasures

before i went to the sunday matinee of “sex and the city 2,” i stopped into my sundays-only flea market to check out the vintage fabrics booth where i picked up a few scrappy pieces of vintage flowery fabric for some non-circus bunting.  and then i wandered down to another booth i like to visit, and for 50¢ apiece, i netted a couple girly accessories.

a made-in-italy red leather change purse and a vintage green wristlet mini-bag.  the green bag actually holds beauty supplies, like a nail file, bobby pins, etc., but i chose to use it as a small handbag to carry the necessities like a cell phone, reading glasses and chapstick. 

and here’s my bag in action:

a pre-dinner beverage on the water overlooking my sailboat. 

and then down the road for dinner indoors at the cutest authentic mexican food restaurant.

mmmmm.  warm spinach salad with a side of rice and a side of beans and a little fruit juice with a salted rim. 

and then back to the first restaurant for dessert.  dessert was a basket of fries.  apparently they’re not allowed to serve food on their deck yet, so we couldn’t get french fries as an appetizer outdoors.  we settled for french fries as dessert as we bellied up to the bar indoors.

ya know, i’m still in complete “turning 50 crisis/meltdown/how’d i get this old this fast without a job without a husband without a boyfriend (without any prospects for said withouts) without a house without children all the while driving a couple sh*tboxes for motor vehicles and dealing with wrinkly knees and saggy armpits” mode.   

(on the bright side, i have an enviable credit rating.  jealous?)

but some days i really have a lot of fun.


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