do you suppose when i saw that fortune teller/energy reader woman back in march and she said, “i see flowers,” she meant fabric flowers?  it seems i spend a lot of my time of late experimenting with fabric flowers.

that navy blue one (above) is the first one i attempted where you melt the edges of the fabric to make the petals curl.  i’m undecided on this one.  didn’t use quite enough fabric and it seems kind of flimsy to me.

are there steadfast rules on how many garlands/banners/buntings one can hang up on a dinky little porch space?  probably.  but i don’t care.  it’s part of that obsessive compulsive nature of mine making a guest appearance on my porch.

look – my juice matches my coffee mug.  

little known diva fact about me:   i insist my juice match my coffee cup. 

no i don’t.   

that is some bright juice.  orange carrot juice.  i’m drinking the carrots and eating more baby carrots than anyone i know in order to save my eyes from getting any worse and i don’t even like the taste of carrots.  especially cooked carrots.  but give me some hummus and/or salsa and/or tapenade to disguise the taste of a carrot and i’m good to go.  i get the crunch and the carotene bennies.  almost could pass as a potato chip. 

no it couldn’t.

and for a change of pace, here is a photo of a real flower my neighbor picked from his rose garden and brought over to me.

see?  i told you men shower me with bouquets of flowers. 

and for those of you thinking one flower does not a bouquet make, well i say, “cork it.”  it totally counts.


2 Comments on “porch”

  1. erika says:

    Your porch looks like the kind of porch I’d like to sit and watch the world go by on. Looks like the kind of porch I’d love to be invited to if I was riding my bike by. Kind of like an unexpected lemonade stand in the middle of a hot day. Hits the spot and makes you smile!

  2. fries in a cone says:

    do you have a trophy for being the nicest person in the world? me and my porch thank you.

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