speak of the devil…

what are the chances i’d get two fancy-writing envelopes addressed to me in one week?  eerie.

‘cuz who really bothers to do this these days?  nobody, really.  not many put forth the effort.  but some people (me) really appreciate it. 

onto thrifting – i’ve been good.  i’ve been staying away from the thrift stores.  i don’t NEED anything and i don’t really feel like i can spend an extra $5-10 per week on piddly stuff without actually having a job.  i’ve been focusing hard on getting things done that needed gittin’ done.  brought my sewing machine to a town in another part of the state to get a tune-up, and wouldn’tchaknowit – as i was driving back to said town to pick it up a couple days later, a HUGE antique store was having an indoor/outdoor barn sale, so i cranked my steering wheel a hard right and pulled into that parking lot on two wheels.  (this antique store i rarely visit, but did manage to get a $3 franco albini ottoman years ago, maybe one of my best scores ever.)  you see why i had to stop in. 

didn’t buy anything earth-shatteringly good, but my hoarding addiction came rushing back like a tidal wave. 

someone who worked there handed me a wicker basket and i spent the better part of an afternoon sifting through boxes of junk and filling that basket.  i just adore junk. 

and i was reservedrestrained.  i could’ve bought so much more but i held back.  ish.  $10 got me a totes wool fedora (the tag says “rain rolls right off ” and it does!  wore it yesterday and got caught in some serious afternoon rain but remained quite fetching in my new chapeau.)  also a mod flower power lampshade, a vintage glass cocktail shaker, a pink vintage linen tablecloth, a black vintage pocketbook, an old enamel tea kettle/pitcher, a small pyrex pink dots bowl, a couple mini trays, severals pairs of vintage scissors, some cocktail stirrers, and a couple handpainted made-in-japan house plates to go with some other ones i found last year. 

someday i want a house with my very own windmill.

some headless dame.  i looked everywhere for her head.  couldn’t find it. 

and some other miniature dude (dudette?)

these will be my secret friends who will hang out on the porch with me. 

oh no.  i’m well on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady who speaks to her plastic imaginary friends.  except i won’t have any cats. 

and these are the drink stirrers. 

tell me they don’t crack you up.

those faces!

all this thrifting happened on friday. 

don’t even get me started on what i thrifted saturday.  i was a full-blown thrift addict stopping into every thrift store in a 20 mile radius, after an estate sale i got up early for turned out to be a bust.  mostly picked up clothing and accessories, but here’s a preview of some thrifted kitchen stuff i just washed.  i really do need a house.  a house with more closets and more storage. 

that, or an intervention.


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