more stuff i don’t need

but is just too awesome to leave behind in the thrift store.

so what if i already own (6) of these in a different shape.  a single girl needs her coffee mugs.  i’m not sure i need, oh, 300 coffee mugs.  (maybe i’m exaggerating.  maybe i’m not.) 

i do love a big bowl to eat my daily rice pasta/beans/spinach/scrambled eggs.  most would call this a mixing bowl.  i call it a breakfast bowl.  i like the handles for gripping.

got a couple trays.

one to match one i already own:

it has a swedish feel to it.  don’t know who makes them but they appeal to me.

it matches this one i bought awhile ago.

i don’t understand what’s going on in this tray.  the man goes fishing, he comes home, the woman says, “screw it.  i hate fish.  eat some turkey.” 

this one is a retro tray with recipes for sauces.  i don’t eat sauces. 

and a dansk denmark cutting board/tray.  i’ll buy anything dansk and wood.

i go back and forth on the type of home i’d like to own.  i see me in a mid-century ranch, a small victorian house, a craftsman bungalow, a little cottage.  i’d take any of those and let’s face it, i tried like a son-of-a-gun to buy a few of those styles last year.  i put serious bids on 3 homes and got crushed each time.  now i think i just need a commercial space with an apartment upstairs and a storefront down below.  cuz i’ve got to get rid of some this stuff.  it just accumulates.  i don’t really need 20 teak trays, do i? 

i don’t know what this is.  it’s too big to be a drinking glass.  you can’t grip it well.  but i like an enamel rooster.  maybe it’s a candle holder? 

and now to break away from kitchen stuff, picked up a 70s boho clutch/wallet-type thing that i’ll totally use. 

that’s it from me today.  our summer-like weather took a little vacation for quite a few days and it’s finally making a comeback today.  sunny and positively gorgeous out there.  i’m going out to enjoy it.  and i’m not going to a thrift store.


One Comment on “more stuff i don’t need”

  1. Everyone should have their own style and go for it.

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