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i’m an aisle gal.  a side aisle gal.

honestly, i don’t even understand how so many people can sit in the center aisle of a movie theater.  i can’t comprehend going to a movie on a friday or saturday night with a huge crowd.  it is just beyond me.  all those people.

today i went center aisle-style.

dead center.  i sat smack dab in the center of the movie theater.  this has never happened to me – i was the only person watching the movie.  don’t get me wrong, the theaters are usually quite empty when i go, but never TOTALLY empty.  i had a private screening.  i am privileged. 

i think i’m still more comfortable on a side aisle row.


1.)  saw please give.”  it had a little bit of everything.  catherine keener (whom i adore,) NYC, life, death, dating, cheating, insecurities, over-tanning, and hello – a vintage modern furniture store.  what’s not to love?

catherine keener and oliver platt in “please give


2.)  netflixed “more than a game.”  love a true real-life-come-from-nothing-work-your-tails-off-become-something-against-the-odds story.

i now possess super important basketball history knowledge to use to my advantage as small talk to pick up men in bars. 


3.)  completed season 1 of “nurse jackie.”  enjoyed all the flawed characters.  who doesn’t love a drug-snorting nurse leading a double life?

and there you have some wicked good options for your future viewing pleasure.


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