i really haven’t been thrift store shopping in awhile.  not as much as i used to, anyway.  my problem is i’d like to open up a little etsy vintage store, but i can’t commit (and i’ve got the engagement rings to prove it.  bah-dump-bump.)  i just can’t commit to buying stuff i don’t need or want to buy, but stuff i know would sell in a heartbeat were i to open an etsy shop.   i think.  what is it?  is it laziness?  probably a lack of knowledge.  it takes me forever to teach myself how to do anything where the computer is concerned. 

anyway – i was being the “great friend” yesterday and drove to a vacationing friend’s house to water her plants, so i figured while i was out and about and practically there-ish, i might as well take myself to the rich town thrift stores. 

got this little cathrineholm sauce pot (amongst other little odds and ends.) 


i couldn’t commit to buying (3) cathrineholm small orange plates because i thought they were a little expensive for my blood.  but in hindsight, they weren’t.  i don’t need ’em.  but i bet someone else out there does.  so i waffled.  and let them be.  same with a few vintage purses.  i certainly don’t need any more vintage pocketbooks.  but i left (3) of them behind.  and they were cheap.  and i didn’t buy a coffee table and blah blah blah.  i think i’m just being “careful” with my money since i don’t have a job.  but then i think this should be my job.  seeking out the beautiful crap for the world to buy.  do you see my wishy-washyness?  it’s relentless.  oh it’s agonizing living in my indecisive head.

for now, i’ll blame the heat.


2 Comments on “cath”

  1. Trina Curran says:

    I feel your pain, girl! I have been wishy-washy myself, trying to figure out what I want to launch/how to launch it…vintage paper. Trying to get it going and then I hit a snag..then I go some more. But, you go, girl…you can do it! 🙂

  2. fries in a cone says:

    trina – oh, i’ll figure it all out one of these days (when the pressure is on…) best of luck with your paper venture!!!
    p.s. i’ve eaten a breakfast or 2 at aunt martha’s. hope your spfd thrifting adventures prove fruitful.

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