as in  – “my car was a target.” 

at target. 

i know.  ironic. 

you know it can’t be good news when you’re leisurely shopping the aisles of target and over the intercom you hear your license plate number being called repeatedly.  at first i thought, “how amazing am i that i instantly recognize my license plate number” followed immediately by that feeling of dread and “uh-oh, this is gonna SUCK.” 

i get to the service desk and there’s this poor woman crying and all shook up and talking 1000 miles per hour on repeat about how sorry she was, she didn’t do it on purpose, she thought she had plenty of  room as she pulled in to park and then *WABAM* she heard the crash as she tore off her front bumper when she clocked my car.  the more anxious she was, the more calm i became.  i thought she was gonna have a coronary right there.  i was all, “ya know what? – accidents happen, let’s go outside and have a looksee.”  she was so afraid i was going to yell at her up one side and down the other.  i couldn’t have been more blasé if i were on xanax with a valium chaser. 

that’s the extent of it.  i mean, barely a scratch.  i almost laughed (but i didn’t) and was hugely relieved i could drive the thing home.  and of course, hugely relieved she even bothered to turn herself in and report the accident to her insurance company.  there ARE still honest people out there!  sure, i’m totally totally ghetto now with two crap vehicles, but it’ll be all shiney and new next week and i get to drive a rental car while it’s being repaired.  seriously, from her reaction i thought i was doomed.  just a little inconvenienced is all, and i know there’s a salvation army i can pop into near the car fix-it shop once my car is dropped off.   

the saddest part of this story is the fact i was at a target on a friday night.  ok well, late-afternoonish and not in any hurry to get home and get ready for a friday night date.   there’s your tragedy. 

in less than exciting non-car crash drama news, here’s a couple things i found thrifting recently.


i find myself in another boring phase.   i really have nothing to say anymore.

vintage zippered pillowcases, a dansk candleholder and a 70s belt.  and a couple retro birds.  oh dear gawd i’m boring. 


i gotta get living!!!!   just watched the movie, “a single man” and the message i took from the movie was carpe diem, seize the day, live every day to its fullest, stop and smell the roses, cliché cliché cliché, blah blah blah.  and the other message was always look your stylish best and live in a cool house with the best furniture and wear false eyelashes.


One Comment on “target”

  1. JD says:

    Looks like it will buff right out. 🙂

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