so, sewing.

i have a very old sewing machine – a 1950s model given to me by my former boss in colorado when she was going to donate it to a local thrift store and i said, “no no no donate it to ME, i’ve always wanted to learn to sew and this is my CHANCE.” 

so fast forward to me moving clear across the country, lugging that heavy machine with me and finally making a friend who knew how to sew and who taught me how to thread the machine and wind a bobbin.  and then all i did was sew log cabin pillow stuff.

lots and lots of log cabin stuff.  if it was simple, i sewed it. 

pillows, coasters, potholders.  i did not expand my horizons much.

i’m pretty sure most of my friends now own a set of coasters or a potholder or a pillow or all of the above, and are more than ready for me to learn something new.   

then came the day when my machine said, “NO MORE” and she quit my ass.  well, technically the bobbin winder gave out.  luckily for me, no sooner had the bobbin winder given out than i found a $10 machine at goodwill that wouldn’t sew, but could wind a bobbin.  but that became a big ol’ pain in the butt, having 2 machines out in my little dinky apartment.  so i retired the sewing completely.  put the machines away, put the fabric away.  put all the unfinished projects away. 

since i’ve become unemployed, the itch to sew has resurfaced.  i mentioned earlier i took my sewing machine in for a cleaning and to fix the bobbin winder.  got my machine home, tried it out briefly, wound a bobbin, couldn’t BELIEVE how QUIET the machine was (i assumed sewing machines naturally sounded like jackhammers.)  more than anything i was thankful to be able to sew without earplugs.  but i promptly put the machine away to complete some other projects.   

a couple weeks later i went rifling through my fabric stashes and found some unfinished coasters.  since i have more coasters than i know what to do with, (see below)

entire drawer of coasters

i opted to sew them together and make a pillow.  (no excuses EVER for ring marks on my furniture.) 

but nothin’s easy, is it? 

took the machine out, set it up, it wouldn’t sew.  what the?  so back in the car it went, i drove a half hour back to the repair shop – turns out something wasn’t tightened inside the wheel (NOT operator error as i assumed) and now i’m back in business. 

i used an old scrap piece of marimekko fabric for the backing:

i still haven’t expanded my horizons much but at least this is not just another regular old log cabin pillow.   it’s smallish, 13″ square.  maybe eventually i can even graduate to a QUILT.  maybe.  i asked the guy at the sewing machine repair shop about a walking foot for quilting on this machine and he pretty much laughed.  i guess i can special order one for $60.  i’ll just keep doing what i’m doing, i suppose.  a friend is having a baby in october and i can almost see a baby quilt in my future.  if not, that baby will just have to be ELATED with a pillow.


One Comment on “so, sewing.”

  1. fries in a cone says:

    this is for peggy who commented on my “about” page for this post –
    thanks for the nice words regarding my “sewing.” i am totally a beginner – takes me forever to complete a project. have considered an etsy store, but more for vintage items, rather than handmade stuff. etsy seems to be inundated w/a LOT of crafters who sell the exact same thing. i’m afraid my stuff would get lost in the crowd.

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