it was one of those days where i ran out of saran wrap and then reached for a ziploc bag only to find an empty box.  and also yanked the last string of dental floss.  don’t worry, there was still plenty of toilet paper.

so as i was headed to the store for food-preserving/dental hygiene supplies, why not just pop into goodwill for a quick go-around?  any excuse to thrift.

great quality vintage linens, a yellow enamel dansk paella pan in darn near mint condition, some really well done vintage paint-by-numbers and a nice framed embroidery piece on linen, and then an original mixed media painting by an artist named “gazley” entitled “deck chairs.”  i’ll probably remat the thing in white, but it’s a nice summer piece of art i think.  it had a $50 price tag on the back.  i got it for 99¢.

and then i got my saran wrap, ziploc baggies and dental floss.


2 Comments on “thrifted”

  1. Linda says:

    Great deals!! Lots of nice stuff. I especially like the linens with the orange. Orange being my favorite color, you know!! 8-). I’m glad you had enough money left for he plastic wrap and dental floss (and that your poor little car got fixed so you could go thrifting) Any news on the new job front? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you land the PERFECT job, and make LOTS of money.


    • fries in a cone says:

      linda – indeed, i will need to land that PERFECT job making LOTS of money to pay for the hotels i’ll be staying in for my bday celebration. oh, it’s gonna sting. but hopefully be memorable.

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