decade 5

or as one friend suggested – “L.”

start using roman numerals to state my age.

yes, i will be saying goodbye to my 4th decade of life (or “XLIX” in roman numerals) and hello to “L” (aka the twilight years) right here in this hotel:

photos via: bungalow hotel

yah, that’s right.

i’m staying at the bungalow on the jersey shore.  designed, of course, by cortney and robert novogratz, as seen on the bravo series “9 by design.”

not bad, huh?

for someone without a job.

feel free to send a bottle of champagne to my room.

‘cuz after paying for the room, there won’t be much leftover for food or drink.


2 Comments on “decade 5”

  1. Linda says:

    Gorg-g-eous!!! I’ll be right there to help you celebrate…don’t start the party without me…….lol. I’d say it’s worth every penny. Does it come with hot and cold running men??? woohoo.

    Let’s see…if you’re “L”. then I’m “LXIII”. Hmmmmm, does that sound better or worse than “63”. I don’t know…..8-)

    Have fun!

  2. JD says:

    Happy “L” 🙂

    And the hotel… In my best Chris Farley voice…

    “That’s awesome!!!!!”

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