obviously i prefer to go thrift store shopping rather than “antiquing,” as i have a tendency to get much better prices in thrift stores, and for me the thrill is in the bargain, as well as in the hunt.  while in red bank, NJ, we stumbled upon an antiques block, with several buildings housing antiques.  we opted to stroll through one of the buildings and while i’m not willing to pay antique store prices, lori spotted a cute little box she called “a small table.”  it was a vintage sewing box.  she decided she had to buy it for me for my birthday.  i objected.  it was too much money.  i like a bargain.  i needed to do research first.  i fought her tooth and nail.   no i didn’t.

my current hi-tech system of thread organization (zip-loc freezer bags) now has a much more stylish replacement. 

btw, i must recommend red bank as a nice place to visit if you happen to be in jersey.  great little downtown area with an indie theater – we saw “the kids are all right.”  thumbs up.  currently my new boyfriend is mark ruffalo.  whoa.  the dude looked GOOD.

i mean, GOOD. 

i had good dreams that night.

red bank offers plentiful restaurants (late lunch at eurasian – they catered to my numerous food allergies and created a delicious dish for me,) loads of shopping, beautiful views of the river.  i took zero pictures.  here are some i took from the hotel website:

our exact room at the oyster point hotel.  seriously, the views were incredible.  although now that i think of it, i didn’t get a robe.  rude. 


 photos via oyster point hotel

long branch and red bank.  within 15 minutes of one another.  i definitely preferred red bank, it had more character, although both towns proved fun.  bungalow – yikes – i’m not sure i can recommend it.  beautiful decor to be sure, but sadly lacking in service.  and cleanliness.  and working clocks.  how do you have two clocks in a room and neither of them work?  when i called down to the front desk to ask how to set one of them, the front desk gal, lauren, giggled and said, “oh yah, one of the rooms is like that.  the clock doesn’t work.  do you want a wake up call?”  that’s not the point.  for $447 a night, i want a clock that works so when i wake up in the middle of the night i know what time it is.  is it too much to ask?  a working clock?  or a clean, stain-free rug?  or drapes that aren’t busted?  

there were good aspects.  the fireplace, the adjustable wall-mounted flat screen tv, the artwork, half-price drinks at happy hour, the outdoor seating.  i’m definitely going to try my hand at some flag artwork.  we had the hawaii themed flag in our room.

ann carrington hawaii flag art 

long branch is mostly an upscale beach resort.  i can’t fathom spending more than one night there.  that’s why my mini few day getaway was perfect.  a day here, a day there, a taste of this and a sampling of that.  and then a clean getaway.  leave wanting just a little more.   




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