some progress, but not done

um, i’m not even sure i like sewing.

i think i like the idea of sewing.

just not the execution.  not the actual act of sewing.

i like finding vintage fabrics. 

i want so desperately to be one of those women who can crank out quilts like nobody’s business.  it’s a trait and skill to be admired.  i am so  S  L  O  W.   i never would’ve been employee-of-the-month in a third world country sweat shop.   

that said, those 148 little fabric squares of hell are cut out and pieced together for a pillow.  found and admired this gorgeous pillow here, which led me to the tutorial here, which led me to think i could do this no prob.  i’ve still got a back ache from cutting out all those dinky pieces of fabric.

i need to put this one away for awhile before i finish it.  some projects you just need to take a break from before you hate them. 

which reminds me, this was also supposed to be a pillow, but i ended up needing to walk away from it as well.  no idea how to finish it. 


i took the pattern from a vintage drinking glass.


is it any wonder i can’t commit to a human being?  i can’t even stand to be around fabric for any length of time.


2 Comments on “some progress, but not done”

  1. Thanks for the morning chuckle!!! I totally get it. I have a closet full of scary fabric monsters, too.

  2. kelly says:

    That skier is AWESOME. Would make a perfect winter time pillow or wall hanging. You’re so talented!

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