the obvious thing to do when you’ve just declared your disdain for sewing is to go in search of more fabrics. 

found this ugly-yet-beautifully-retro pack-o-fabric at goodwill for a buck.  i didn’t really seek this out.  the colors just sort of shouted at me.

from across the store. 

falls into that fluoro color trend happening everywhere.  or at least in europe. 

primstyle = kimstyle.

i might’ve had jammies in that fabric as a kid. 

and then went to the flea market yesterday and got a small stack of vintage fabric remnants:

surprisingly, one of the fabrics i had quickly placed in my pile turned out to be a curtain panel and coincidentally fit my back door perfectly.  again – it falls into this “granny chic” look and i don’t mind that look, really.  actually, i do like it when i’ve seen it done correctly.  i just have a feeling i’m currently walking that thin line between granny chic and goodwill ghetto granny sanford-and-son.  whatever.  this apartment is temporary (i hope.)  i’m keeping the curtain up. 


2 Comments on “fabric”

  1. Linda says:

    What’s not to love with fabric from Woolworths! I sure miss the stores we used to have here in San Diego….8-( I like that curtain, and it definitely does NOT say sanford and son!


  2. Michelle says:

    I would have very happy to pick that load up too. I think I found the exact same yellow and white stripe (reminds me of bananas in pyjamas- an Aussie kid’s character) here. The paisley is divine.

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