pillow is done.

sue ann nivens i am not.

i am not a happy homemaker.

or should i say, pillow maker. 

i swore a lot making this pillow. a LOT.   

and it’s only a PILLOW. 


i’ve got to try an easier version of a pillow next time.  or maybe go back to sewing potholders to ease back into this sewing thing. 

i quilted it with a spool of pink thread i had laying around, along with a matching pink bobbin i also had laying around.  what i thought was a pretty full spool of thread and a full bobbin. 


was nearly finished quilting and ran out of thread.  and bobbin.  so i ripped it out. 

actually, i was glad i ran out of thread.  ‘cuz at the store i bought NEON PINK thread – i’m so trendy – and was much happier with that color.  but my stitching was all over the place.  i used to be able to stitch a straight line.  now i can’t quite get my act together.  i’m all over the place.  and no, i haven’t been tipping back any cocktails while at my machine. 

so i washed the pillow top to make it all crinkly and hoped to make the uneven stitching less noticeable. 

and i suppose it IS less noticeable.  and does anybody really care?  i suppose when you put it out there for the world to see, some people will point and laugh and mock my crooked stitches, but when you get right down to it, is anyone gonna come over to the house, plop down in a chair and say, “my gawd, i can’t sit against this pillow with its uneven stitches!  i won’t have it.” 

no.  no-one’s gonna say that.

and if they do, i will tell them it’s deliberate.  i meant to do it that way.  don’t you know anything about style and design???  keep up.  read a magazine.  crooked stitches are IN. 

i’m also hoping my awesome vintage thonet bentwood chair will distract from the stitching.

it’s OK.  i like it. 

from a distance.

without glasses. 

don’t even get me going on the swearing i did on the back.  this is the back.

used up the last of some marimekko scrap fabric i had and, just like in my last patchwork pillow i made, there was a teeny hole in the fabric i didn’t see upon assembly.  so had to put a nametag label over it.  (and incidentally, that nametag label IS NOT crooked, it’s just the photo, just so we’re clear here.  well, not the photo so much as my pillow tucking skills.)


this pillow was fraught with drama.  i don’t get it.  it’s 4 sides.  4 straight lines.  zip.  zip.  zip.  zip.  i don’t get how people sew and sew and sew and produce beautiful things that are far more complicated than a PILLOW.  in far less time.  i suppose it’s like anything.  practice practice practice.  get back on that sewing machine horse. 

but first –

a drink.

i deserve one.  this pillow OWES me one. 

(oh, and btw, original pillow was seen here.  directions on how to make one are found here.)


4 Comments on “pillow is done.”

  1. Linda says:

    Wonky is the word to describe the stitching! It’s all the rage, dontchaknow……….

    I think it’s lovely…….mmmmmwwwwaa…….that’s a belated birthday kiss……8-)

    I went nuts today and bought a 2 yr old Janome MemoryCraft 6600 from craig’s list! She paid $1400 and I got it for $800. It is a beautiful thing. I haven’t used it yet, but I did skim the manual and fondle the pressure feet!


  2. fries in a cone says:

    your machine looks FANCY. oh – the pillows and potholders i could make with a janome!!

    • Linda says:

      I have now progressed to threading the machine, and I am about to test it out on a scrap of fabric. It has a needle threader that WORKS, auto needle stop down, and an auto thread cutter for when you’re done. I am anxious to try that. I think it will also do a lock stitch at the end of the row of stitches. Just reading the manual made my eyes cross. It is very thorough. Someone who had never sewn before or even seen a sewing machine could do it after reading the manual. It’s a little too basic for me since I’ve been sewing for 53 years……..sigh. Of course, I was only six months old when I started…..lol. I was 10 when I made my first dress for myself. I was a lonely only child out of school for the summer in Dallas. We had only lived there for a month or two and I didn’t have any friends, and both of my parents worked….so I sewed!

      When I make my pillows and potholders, I’ll think of you..8-)


  3. kelly says:

    Oh! I LOVE your pillow! It looks so quilted! Very nice!

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