still at my machine.

more fabric has been cut.

vintage flower fabrics seem to be a theme.

more sewing has been done.

neon colors are in full force.

nothing is finished. 

that’s about all i’ve got.

postively genius or hideously tacky?  stay tuned.

hopefully there will be more progress by the end of the week, i.e. a finished pillow or dos.  if not, we can blame the humidity and current heat wave which may force me to the shore to cool off a smidge.  and when i say shore, i mean an air conditioned goodwill in an upscale shore town.

and speaking of neon, i kinda love my new vintage anchor hocking bowls and plate with a dash of neon orange.

and –

sort of thrifting related –  

american pickers” has made it to my list of TV faves.  only discovered this show recently (this summer) while channel surfing – airs monday nights on the history channel.  those guys (mike wolfe and frank fritz) kill me.  they have the BEST JOB.


4 Comments on “still at my machine.”

  1. Trina Curran says:

    Oh, I love those bowls and plate! Yep, American Pickers. Sweet. 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Okay, now it was just mean of you to put up that orange plate like that! I love orange (in fact I think I’ve mentioned it here before…lol) and I don’t get to go to thrift stores…..mean, mean, mean………8-). I like American Pickers a lot, too, but my (male) roommate doesn’t like them, and since I’m not addicted to it (yet), I let him have his way(because he has a cute butt!!). Now, my fav is Hoarders. I’m addicted in a sick sort of way. I’m a horrible housekeeper, but watching Hoarders makes me feel sooooo normal…… I also feel really sorry for the people on the show. They are obviously in great emotional pain. Okay, I’ll stop being maudlin now.

    I think your pillow or dos will be lovely. Do some of that wonky quilting on it!


  3. fries in a cone says:

    orange you jealous?

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