oh, that’s good.

my talents run deep.

i finished another very complicated (translate:  very easy) pillow, this time with less swearing.

i’m IN LOVE with neon thread.

will i look back on this neon quilting in a couple years and think, “ewww?” 

of course i will.  we’re cyclical beings, right?  ya love something now, ya hate it next year.

but for now, in this moment, in this ZEN moment of mine, I LOVE IT.  and with that i give you my patchtacular, all vintage fabrics, neon orange quilted 16″ square of awesomeness.

oh wait, did i build it up too much?

you mean you’ve seen square patchwork pillows before?  a zillion times over?  i don’t care.  this one went so much more smoothly for me and i never felt like throwing my sewing machine through the kitchen window.  i confess there was a near tragedy.  have you ever been sewing in the kitchen, taken a little break, picked up a bottle of balsamic vinegar and then dropped it on the floor accidentally without the top on?  you have?  so, you know.  it makes for one awful mess, but clearly luck was on my side and nary a pillow top, nary a piece of fabric, nary a newly recovered tulip seat cushion, nary a tablecloth was harmed in the splattering of balsamic vinegar.  just a little aggravation from having to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor.       

i embroidered a patch in there to put pressure on myself to make this pillow beautiful, make it an exquisite piece of patchwork art.  in a foreign language (spanish) i wrote “oh, that’s good.”  apparently there’s no “oh” translation in spanish, so it’s a combination of english and spanish, which i like.  and i think “bien” is also french, so really it could be a triple language threat – english, spanish and french.  i like stuff written in foreign languages – it makes life mysterious.  well, mysterious for me since i don’t speak a foreign language, despite taking 5 years of french in high school.  well, jr. high and high school.  i wasn’t in high school 5 years.  that would make me dumb.  but 5 years of french – oui, that’s right, cinq years.  no speaky de french très well. 


but damn i can sew. 


i really put “oh, that’s good” on it so if you were a guest of mine and you sat against this pillow in one of my chairs, you would just be so taken with the cozy way it feels, your first thought would be, “oh, that’s good.”  and without realizing it, you would probably be thinking this thought in spanish for some unknown reason. 

ooooh, snazzy neon orange.  OLÉ.

and yes, there are more pillows to come. keep your dial tuned in if you know what’s good for you.

adiós, hombres.


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