following are a couple interesting brass items found thrifting.

brass apple. 


it’s actually a clip.

a brapplip.

brass clapple?

next up:

brass squirrel bell.



rhymes with gerbil.



clearly i’ve been into the tequila at this point.


One Comment on “brass”

  1. Linda says:

    I vote for brapplip and adore-abell! How ya doin? I had my procedure yesterday. They talk about anesthesia, but that’s all it is – talk! Thank God it’s not a painful procedure, because all it did was make me sleepy last night after I got home. So far, I haven’t noticed much difference (I won’t be donning my dancing shoes yet) but they said it might be worse for a day or two before it gets better. It gave me an extra day off of work……..yeah!!

    Keep the patchwork pillows coming! They would also make cute Christmas presents.

    Linda 😎

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