ding-dong, it’s the little soldiers

i thought these were mid-century wooden warriors, vikings, soldiers, antique-something-or-others when i spied them all bagged up together at the thrift store.

i grabbed these precious woodies immediately.  hmmm, what drew me to them?  my eagle eye for spotting the great vintage stuff, or…? 

dr. freud?

upon closer inspection, after bringing them home and dusting them off, it appears i’ve got myself a little penis army.   

captain winky, mr. johnson, dick, willy, rod, jimmy, john-thomas, and d-train.

it’s not me, right?  i mean, c’mon.  all those different shapes and sizes?


i have a few similar mid-century wooden viking dudes, but these new guys have a different feel to them.  yet familiar.  there are no markings.  and they’re not as well made as some of my other viking guys.  i think they’re old.  there are a couple candleholders in the bunch.  are these just cheap knock-offs?  what the heck have i got here?  if i hear they were sold at “the christmas tree shop” a couple years ago, i’ll die.  i’m losing my touch. 

this poor guy.  dead soldier.  he’s got a busted base.  won’t stay up.  suppose it happens to the best of them.


One Comment on “ding-dong, it’s the little soldiers”

  1. Linda says:

    Very cute phallic symbols you got there! 😎 Maybe a little woodie viagra for the fallen soldier?

    I think they are very cute. I never saw anything like them before.

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