quoi de neuf?

more mysterious foreign language messages.

i believe this means “what’s new?” in french. 

that, or “what’s nine?”

i can’t be sure.

either way, it’s made it to my latest patchwork pillow top.


i’m showing you this unfinished pillow to leave you with something because i’m off for awhile to help paint walls and trim and offer unsolicited decorating advice in parts unknown. 

the boonies. 

you can’t get there from here. 

i’ll be away from my computer, away from my thrift stores, away from my sewing machine for who knows how long.  in who knows where.  it’s like i’m quitting everything i love cold turkey (except for maybe that sewing machine thing – i can’t quite say i love that.)  i hope i don’t have withdrawal symptoms.  i hope i don’t throw up. 

the thrift store employees might put out an all points bulletin for me.  you think i kid. 

speaking of thrifting…

sabra and vera.  2 lady artists whose first names end in “a.”  how’s that for a theme?

first up – sabra. 

a thrifted piece of GREAT art, a cobalt blue woodblock print, frame dimensions are 11-1/2″ x 12-1/2″.  i think this one must be pretty old.  found sabra’s website (it’s under her married name of sabra field, this piece is signed “sabra johnson,” which is why i’m assuming it’s old.)  but very modern looking, no?  and sort of scandinavian.  anyway, i love it.  it’s entitled “aspiration” and might resemble a corn stalk or a rooster tail and i’m deathly allergic to corn and does aspiration have something to do with breathing?  because i can’t breathe when i eat corn and therefore i was meant to have this print.  how’s that for a story?

next up – vera.  

vera neumann.  more vintage vera napkins.

i didn’t even realize they were vera when i bought them.  i  just liked the print when i saw them, and then saw the tag when i brought them in the house.  bonus surprise.

hopefully i’ll have some good house painting photos to share upon my return.  there is rain in the forecast for several days in my painting destination locale, so who knows if any photos will come out?  what can ya do?   

til then, mes amis… 

à bientôt.


2 Comments on “quoi de neuf?”

  1. Linda says:

    I’ll miss you!!!

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