i’m still having dreams of ferns. 

they will haunt me. 

they were everywhere.

and they needed to go.

sister bought a GREAT cottage-type home in a FANTASTIC location at a smokin’ great price.

yah, that’s right.  great.  fantastic.  and great.


her home is situated on a quiet, private lot, but is close to downtown, close to grocery shopping, close to restaurants, close to everything AND close to this:

and close to this:

and this:

“the sea was angry that day, my friends.”  – george costanza

(click that quote to watch one of the funniest scenes ever from seinfeld.)

anyway – the area is just gorgeous.  everywhere you look.  even on rainy days.

and the house – well, the house came with just a few questionable paint treatments inside.

green ferns.  bronze ones.  turquoise ones. 

mixtures of greens and bronzes.

are you asking yourself, “is that a faux painted mantle/fireplace of some sort?!?!”

why yes, yes it is. 

this is your brain on drugs. 

with a paintbrush.  and a few stamps.  or stencils.    

a faux fireplace and ferns.  the theme that day was let’s paint things that start with the letter “F.”  (cuz those ferns could also be feathers.  we couldn’t be sure.)

it was my job to cover those bitches.  sand.  prime.  prime some more.  prime a litte more after that. 

sister painted over that whole mess with “cottage linen” paint (sherwin williams.)

oh dear.

i just realized i don’t have an “after” shot.  it was so rainy and dark that day and i forgot to take “after” shots of the living room the following days.  oops. 

this is it somewhat done. 

i can’t believe i forgot to take completed “after” shots.  oh well.  you’ll have to take my word for it.

it looks good.  way good.  way better fernless.

stay tuned for the kitchen…


One Comment on “ferns”

  1. Linda says:

    Glad to have you back!! Wow, sister done good! I’m drooling over the cottage, the yard, the beach……….sigh. She’s a lucky girl.

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