king me

so, indeed, sister’s new house had another interesting and creative paint application in the kitchen. 

i arrived 3 days after the house was officially hers and sister had already gotten to work covering up the kitchen cabinets from their mustard color on the top/forest green on the bottom.  the only “before” pics are from her home inspector.  and they’re not large.  get out your magnifiers. 

the green lower cabinets: 

the mustard upper cabinets:

yes – that little photo there is a hint.

faux checkerboard tile backsplash. 

in black and mustard.  with brighter yellow walls.

so beautiful.

of course i kid.

again – it had to go.

i did arrive in time to take a photo of yet another color introduced into the mustard/forest green combination.  the brick red tall cabinet.   

and here you can also get a glimpse of another mustard upper cabinet, which was eventually taken down.  why was it hung where it was hung?  why so high?  mysteries we will never unravel. 

the kitchen received the same whitening and brightening relief as the living room.  bright white paint on the window trim and cabinets and country linen paint on the walls.

more “before” shots (of the walls):

ahhhhh, a nice close-up of the checkerboard backsplash.

here you can see where the cabinets have been painted over.  gone is the mustard.  gone is the forest green.  the walls are still buttery yellow. 

beautiful (well, potentially beautiful) kitchen sink once it’s scrubbed up good and clean and the faucet is replaced.  all in due time.

sister adding last coat of paint to cabinets:

the cabinets look great, right?

before i had even seen the place, i had suggested maybe a black chalkboard wall somewhere in the kitchen.  i could see one on the above wall, the one where the kitchen sink is, possibly.  sister thought maybe the backsplash wall.  either/or.  for now it’s neither/nor.  for now it’s bright and happy and sunny.

and done.

well, done as far as the walls and cabinets are concerned.  (there still might be one tall cupboard that needs a couple coats of paint.)  and of course the countertops need to be sanded and oiled or waxed or however you treat wooden countertops.  and new appliances are coming in.  i tried my darndest to convince her to buy a smeg refrigerator to no avail – her home is screaming for a smeg – but any new appliances will look fantastic.  i believe she’s going stainless.  to be fair, she DID try asking someone at sears about the smeg fridge (they are listed on their website,) but apparently the sears help just shrugged their shoulders and said, “smeg?  we don’t know nothin’ about no smegs.” 


oooohhhhh, wouldn’t one of those look great in that empty space below?  (although i can’t be sure it would even fit.  might be too small for her space.  i can’t remember the dimensions she needed.)


sister is done.  over it.  finis. 

the following day i put another coat of primer on her last cupboard there in the corner while she mowed the lawn.  and then i took off for home.

she, on the other hand, still has this to contend with:

oh joy.


oh dear.  i love me some tina fey – really truly – she’s genius.  but doesn’t her (awful) gown from the emmys 2010 this past sunday night look like it was designed by the same folks who painted my sister’s bedroom?????  tragic.


2 Comments on “king me”

  1. JD says:

    Beautiful place!! Very nice of you to help paint. Lots of good sister points, and great karma towards finding a home of your own. 🙂

    • fries in a cone says:

      oh, it’s going to be SO PRETTY with just a few more coats of paint and a little weeding of the garden. carpenter is coming in to add some missing trim, build another kitchen cabinet and fix a leaking skylight. it’s so SUNNY in there. i just LOVE the house!!!

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