blackboard walls

i ate pizza (wheat-free, corn-free, dairy-free pizza) (i know, it’s a poor excuse for real pizza but it’s my life.  my allergy-filled life.  i wish they’d had honey for the crust, but i will bring my own next time.  honey?  it’s a colorado thing.  honey came with every pizza order.  i got hooked.)  anyway, i ate pizza and washed it down with a gluten-free beer in the most darling restaurant the other night.  the teeny-tiny bar had a black chalkboard wall, along with stair kickboards painted in chalkboard paint.  did i take any photos?  no, of course not.

like i mentioned before, i thought my sister’s kitchen would look good with a black chalkboard wall. 

but really, i should just buy my own darn house and paint my own darn chalkboard wall.

while i was in maine, we peeked into the windows of this house-for-sale.

is that a white picket fence?

well, no, not exactly picket.  but it’s white and it’s a fence.  close enough.  i like the porch.

look.  a wishing well.  i wish i had a job.  i’d buy it. 

it was $125K bucks, which seems like a decent price in the scheme of things.  did it have the location my sister’s had?  not even close.  nor does it have the square footage.  nor the storage barn.  and this house was $34K MORE than she paid.   boy, did she ever get a good deal on a good house.  i still can’t get over it. 

regardless – here are some chalkboard walls i’ve admired found scattered over the internet.  yes, this look has been around for a couple years now, but i’m not tired of it at all, especially with a white contrast.

via canadian house and home 

via house obsession

via style files

via style files

via style files

my luck i’m probably allergic to chalk dust.


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