hunkerin’ down

if it’s not a heatwave, it’s a hurricane.


i’m truly looking forward to some middle-of-the-road comfortable weather, not too hot, not too sticky, not too rainy, not too windy, just sunny and warm and pleasant without the humidity.  and i even like sultry and oppressive on occasion.  but DAY after DAY after DAY after DAY after DAY just rots my brain.  i need some “just right” stuff. 

but first – we’ve got earl to deal with.  he’s breathing down our necks and not in a good way. 

so, i’m hunkering down.  and by hunkering down i mean i’m well-stocked with limes for fresh margarita-making to ride this storm out.  10 limes/$2.  good deal. 

and also by hunkering down i’m netflixing the first season of “hung.”  it is so nice to see a man in his 40s with a non-casino body.  in fact, it is HEAVEN. 

thomas jane as ray drecker in “hung”

i need a cigarette.

and i don’t smoke.

margs and one handsome tv dude.  i’m prepared for this storm.

unless the power goes out.  then i’ve just got warm margs and darkness.  and that’s just sad.

in non-preparedness news, my jeep leaks like a mutha.  rain + heat + wet carpet flooring always makes for an interesting smell inside the jeep.  i suppose i need a tarp for it.  a cover of some sort.  great.  i’ll put it on my list of needs.  right after “job” and “boyfriend.”

stay dry.  or should i say, stay outta the rain.


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