sabre 620

ok, so earl weren’t much.  (that’s hurricane earl for those of you not on the east coast.)  he dumped a little rain on us, but pffffft…hardly memorable.

and now we’re having some normal temps.  nice and normal.  i’m not wiped out.  i’m not exhausted by noon.  i can drink think clearly. 

so – in a last minute decision while out and about today on an empty tank of gas, i opted to venture forth to the sundays-only flea market.  didn’t need anything, really.  didn’t buy anything, really.  $1 worth of some vintage trim for sewing.  and then, just cuz it was vintage-y looking, i found a dirty old cheap plastic square box camera in a pile of junk.  i asked the dude selling how much he wanted for it – he took it from me, looked at it, said, “how’s 2 bucks?”  

i said, “2 bucks is fair.  i’ll take it.” 

i googled the sabre 620 camera when i got home and apparently people like to collect these little crap cameras.  they come in assorted fun colors other than my dreary black one, but i’ll take my scruffy $2 box-o-plastic rescue any day, just to throw on top of a bookshelf. 


the BEST part of the day came as i was moseying out of the flea market – i found $16 on the floor. 

i looked down. 

i looked up.

i looked down again. 

i looked around.

i turned around. 

there was NO-ONE in the vicinity.  that ten, that five and that one were mine.   

i threw that cash right in the gas tank.  

thank you and thank you.  that counts as a good outing.


One Comment on “sabre 620”

  1. Linda says:

    So glad you are okay! I was relieved when I heard that Earl didn’t do much in your neck of the woods.

    Woohoo, $16! Your guardian angel was watching out for you. That’s happened to me a couple of times, when my kids were little and I was down to less than nothing. That’s when finding a few bucks can make you really happy!

    Cute camera. I never heard of that brand before, but I’ve used a little box camera when I was a little girl, and the only film was black and white……the “good” old days….lol.

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