i got locked into a hoarders marathon for a good part of my labor day monday.

i had seen commercials for the show, but never full episodes.

fascinating and frightening. 

part of me feels like i could be a card-carrying member of the hoarders club. 

and part of me is grossed out.  c’mon – some of them are just PIGS.  the ones who don’t do anything about garbage?  i understand collecting.  i don’t understand trash piled up to the ceiling. 

i need to watch my words.  part of me is also thinking, “those in glass houses….”   

finished the quoi de neuf pillow from my hoarded vintage fabric collection.

i’m feeling a strong urge to tidy up. 

maybe now that the weather isn’t so extreme, i can get some organization going.  thank you a&e for that hoarders marathon slap-in-the-face.

if you’re in the mood for a collector’s movie, watch “the art of the steal,”  a documentary on who gets control of one man’s (dr. albert c. barnes) $25 billion dollar modern art collection after his death.

the gist of the movie is how dr. barnes’ collection was scoffed at (by peeps in power) way back in the day and how he could hold a grudge once those hater power snobs caught on and realized what he had, all the while being oh-so-generous to the true art lovers, the students and teachers of his barnes foundation.  i like his style.  another little guy vs. big government.

collectors and hoarders.  we all want to believe our stuff is worth money.  something tells me i’m no dr. barnes.


3 Comments on “hoarders”

  1. Linda says:

    I know what you mean about Hoarders! I watch it to make myself feel SO normal! 8-). I feel bad for the people whose kids are so hostile and hateful to their parents. They seem to lack compassion and have no understanding that there is obviously something wrong to make them act that way. I agree with you about the trash/garbage! How can you NOT throw away your trash and garbage, or keep the toilet fit to use. That part I don’t understand.

    Love the pillow.

  2. I get it. “Hoarders” can be absolutely disgusting. I saw “Cat Ladies” last night and it was basically “Hoarders” for cats. They do not understand something is wrong with them because it’s a mental illness, which is seriously sad. Hopefully A&E will come to it’s senses and try to HELP these people, instead of just exposing them and making them look stupid.

    Anyway, love those pillows and good luck with cleaning! Hoarder or not, we could all use some more tidying up. I think I’ll watch that movie now and review it 8)


  3. kelly says:

    I love your latest pillow! The back is awesome.

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