i herd you finished another pillow.

you herd right.

“stop staring at my butt.”

the deer pillow is done.

and the back:

all vintage fabrics.  made the size of a standard bed pillow.  i think i’m pretty much all set now for pillows for awhile.  like, for the rest of my life.

i’m positively in love with the cover of the september 2010 issue of living, etc.  what is it?  a vintage modern boho hippie floral granny downtown scandinavian cottage-y relaxed look?  whatever it is, it’s the look i’m going for. 

of course, we all know that one minor detail that seems to be missing.  yup, the house.

ok, well, maybe a job, too.  whatever.

i’ve got my eye on this:

screams me.

can you put a house on a credit card?  cuz i’m pretty sure i could do it.  forget all that qualifying for a mortgage crap.  forget the red tape, the bureaucratic b*s.  i’d just like to divvie it up between my amex card, discover, visa, and mastercard, please.  and maybe a little on old navy.  sure, go ahead, take a down payment from my debit card.  whatever you need.  c’mon.  there’s GOT to be a way for me to get a house.  i pay my bills.  i’m not part of the problem.  i’m one of the good guys.  i’ve got cute furniture.  i’ve got great artwork.  i’ve got swedish light fixtures, for gawd’s sake.  lord knows i’ve got pillows.  it all needs to go somewhere.  and the world needs to see me decorate with all my cute stuff.  the world is passing me by and i’m missing out on this wallpaper trend.  i need to wallpaper!  i want to swear my brains out hanging wallpaper, watch the trend come and go, and then swear some more over what a hassle it is to remove wallpaper.  this is what i want.  all i want.  i just want something to decorate and something to complain about.  isn’t that what we all want, really?  and maybe a good meal?  with some good company every now and again.  and a few laughs.   maybe a good movie.  well, that’s all i want.  and i’d like to put in on a credit card.     

that last paragraph could be menopause sneaking up on me.  what a rant.

i need a life coach.  i need a swift kick in the butt.  i need to regroup.  i need a drink.


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