umm, brrrr

how did i go from sweating and barely able to move to downright freezy-cold?  i mean, it was SO HOT not long ago and now it is SO NOT.  blink of an eye.  weather is a mystery.

i drank hot apple cider.  it’s TOO EARLY for hot apple cider.  i’m not READY to say goodbye to summer.  i’m wearing socks.  i’m wearing layers.  my windows are closed.  i’m even drinking tea and i don’t like tea.  i just needed something warm the other night.  i’ve got the down comforter back on the bed.  oh, i don’t like this at all.

speaking of down comforters and all things blanket…

i’m mid-baby-quilt. 

don’t ask. 

not sure if i like my color combos.


didn’t want anything “babyish.” 

why?  because i’m anti-baby, of course. 

no,  of course i’m not anti-baby. 

i wanted modern and unisex.  it’s a boy baby.  so it’s got a boyish slant.  no flower fabrics.  maybe that’s why i don’t love it. 

if this thing eventually comes somewhat close to resembling a quilt, maybe i’ll make one similar with girly vintage fabrics.  although why, i don’t know.  the last thing i need in the world is a baby girl’s quilt.


the next decision is whether or not to hand quilt. 

i saw a beautiful, handstitched vintage quilt at the thrift store the other day.  it was so well done.  and so well worn.  tears all around the edges and throughout the itty bitty patches from several washings and tons of use, i assume.  it was $25 and i couldn’t justify buying it.  but i did pause and admire the handiwork. 

i can only hope my little baby quilt ends up in a thrift store someday, overpriced and torn to pieces, where some random shopper sees it, admires the workmanship and then walks away. 

that is my dream.


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