more tea

yup, more frickin’ tea that i don’t even like.

i woke up with some kinda something this morning.  i thought i didn’t get sick, but apparently i do.  now i’ve become one of those people who say, “i don’t get sick,” and then gets sick and then says, “i thought i didn’t get sick.”  i’ve got the worst headache and an all over bad feeling and am just downright exhausted.  and no – no booze was involved for those of you thinking booze was involved.  how do i get a bug when i rarely have human contact? 

so i’m drinking peppermint tea.  and lying on the couch.  i’ve been trying to watch the 4th season of dexter, but it has been impossible to get disc 2 from netflix for over a month now.  so frustrating.  in that time i have been occupying myself with flight of the conchords (hilarious), ira and abby (good relationship-in-NY movie), temple grandin (amazing story), date night (didn’t do it for me), and séraphine (good, sad, tragic, not a movie for everyone).  i recommend them all except for date night.  again, sorry, tina fey.  i still love you and i loved 30 rock this past week.    

i’m looking into becoming a court reporter/broadcast captioner.  does anyone know anything about it?  from what i understand you don’t have to be a “people-person.”  sounds kinda perfect for me.  i’m a speedy typist and a pretty good speller (i won a spelling bee in 3rd grade.  i won on the word lily.  i know.  doesn’t sound too impressive, but i was thrilled.  ralph, my opponent, spelled it  l – i – l – i.  what an idiot.)  i lost a spelling bee in 4th grade on the word adobe.  i’d never even heard of the word adobe.  i was in 4th grade and lived in new england for cryin’ out loud.  i knew ranch.  raised ranch.  cape.  just like the lili dude the year before, i ended adobe with an “i”.  no, wait a minute, i think i ended it with a “y”.  whatever.  i didn’t end it in an “e” and was eliminated.  rest assured, i’ve never misspelled adobe since that awful day in 4th grade.  adobe haunts me. 

ok, where was i?  i can spell well.  i’d like to think i have pretty good grammar skills.  but i’d need a refresher as far as all the rules go.  lord knows, i’ve just discovered you’re not supposed to put 2 spaces at the end of a sentence anymore and i’m mortified (i still do it.)  all i know is i’ve worked out in a gym watching a closed-captioning program on the tellie while riding my recumbent bicycle thinking, “who the heck is typing this stuff?   they STINK.”  well, i wanna be that gal (or guy).  i wanna be that gal people working out in gyms watching TV curse at and judge and mock from their ellipticals and treadmills and stairclimbers.   that, or working in a court room where a non-assh*le attorney with a personality and no baggage admires my amazing style as i’m keeping to myself with my fancy steno machine being all professional and accurate and amazingly stylish and we fall madly in love and i succeed in having a mature, successful, later-in-life relationship all the while living in a non-pretentious, cozy lakeside bungalow with a fireplace and 2 bathrooms and a garage. 

does peppermint tea have hallucinogenic properties?


4 Comments on “more tea”

  1. Linda says:

    No more 2 spaces???? I am crushed. I blame texting! I still do it, too(and spell-check still thinks so). And my word is “loneliest.” I came in 2nd place in 8th grade spelling bee……sigh. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I think you should drink hot toddies, instead. Or hot buttered rum. They would be much more fun, and if you hallucinate, who cares….8-)

    • fries in a cone says:

      did you leave out the “e” in loneliest?

      came across typography for lawyers and was fascinated. granted, i ain’t no lawyer, but there is a good argument for the single space after a period. apparently it’s done automatically in comments. have a looksee. one space. this is where the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” becomes crystal clear. so many of us can’t give up the double space.

  2. JD says:

    Hey, I didn’t know you won a spelling bee?? Funny how we remember the specifics. I won my 6th grade spelling bee against Ben Woodruff. He was the “smart” kid who went up to the junior high school for math. I guess elementary school math was beneath him? Anyway, he went 1st on the word business. Forgot the I. I nailed it. As for what I did last Tuesday…. can’t remember. 🙂

    • fries in a cone says:

      backatcha. i didn’t know YOU’D won one. i think it’s my only claim to fame. whodathunk after 3rd grade it was all downhill for me? 8 years old was as good as it was gonna get.

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