‘hood living

at one point in my life i would’ve said one of the most annoying sounds ever is the back-up beep.  that beeping noise a garbage truck or construction equipment or hospital van makes when it is in reverse.  beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.  especially at 7 AM.  oh, that noise grates.

last night at 12:56 AM i think i discovered a noise that tops the back-up beep.  the stuck car horn.  not a car alarm horn.  a stuck car horn.  that noise jumped me outta my skin.  #1 – i thought the stuck horn was coming from my jeep, and when you don’t know what to do when it’s your car makes it all the more worse.  i went outdoors to check the jeep, and to my relief, it was a car across the street that’s been mysteriously parked there for weeks.  it made me wonder if it was a mob hit – you know the ones – a guy is sitting in his front seat, gets shot in the head from behind, slumps forward and lands on the horn. 

lemme tell ya – it was LOUD.  a police officer managed to silence the horn less than 10 minutes later, thank gawd.  i had ringing in the ears for about an hour afterward.  and no, not a mob hit.  phew.  the car was gone this afternoon. 

it made me google “how to stop your stuck car horn” in case this ever happens to me.  you remove the fuse.  you can tap on the steering wheel a couple times first to see if that works, and if not, remove the fuse.  i even researched where my car fuses are located.  another future crisis averted.  and yes, you’re welcome for today’s life lesson on how to disable a stuck horn.   

i desperately need peace and quiet.  it’s bad enough i live below the loudest people on the planet.  i can’t be jumping outta my pj bottoms like that from a dead sleep.  that’ll wreak some havoc on the ol’ heart. 

ok, enough of that.

whaddaya make of this tiny table?  

a 3-legged triangle metal table with a removable top.  i dunno.  for some reason, i liked it.  looks swedish-y.  seems like a nice side table to set a drink on.  you can never have enough of those.  it was missing 2 plugs from the top and i thought i could find replacements no sweat.  well, turns out i couldn’t. 

missing a plug

not missing a plug


but then i found some wooden button plugs at the flea market and they’re a perfect fit.  i think i’ll paint ’em up, but not sure what color.  black?  neon pink?  and maybe i’ll cover one side of the table top in vintage fabric.  make it reversible.  to suit my ever-changing moods.

here’s hoping tonight’s sleep is a little less eventful.


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