not fall colors

99¢ tablecloth in perfect condition in perfect spring colors.  unfortunately, it’s fall.  but it feels like summer.  three days in a row of 70 degree temps.  i do love waking up to warmth. 

normal fall-like weather to come back today.

the tablecloth stays.

for a week or so, anyway.

when i get a job, i think i’ll buy a new fancy-pants camera.  i’d sure like to know how to take a good indoor photo.


kinda like a snowman, but orange.  with a green banana coming out of its head.

thrifted lamp

wood, black, brass, vintage.

those ingredients seem to be what i’m drawn to.

and oh yah, handmade.

i ran into a thrift store last night and bought this lamp for $3.  and it’s handmade! (and wood, and black and brass).

what drew me to it was the base.  (i think that’s the only part that’s handmade.)

i’ve seen this shape before somewhere and i love it, but when i turned the lamp upside down, in pencil were the words “made by….” 

i can’t really make out the whole thing, but the handmade slant made me love it more.  made by sharen (?) in durham, ct?  some school? does that say elementary school?  cuz who makes a lamp in elementary school???  if so, i’m impressed.   i already own a few gooseneck lamps, but sometimes you just need to pick up the one-of-a-kind items.  especially if it was made by someone in elementary school.  and it works. that’s some gifted lamp prodigy talent, i’d say. 

masculine, danish-y, a little worn, and cheap.  my kinda lamp.


not to be confused with my kinda man. 

and then i picked up this little hook holder thing.  i waffled back and forth, do i want this? do i need this? is it my style?  but again – when something is 99 cents, it’s hard to say no.  it’s foreign (swedish?) and again, black and goldish and vintage.  i may paint it down the road.  and then again, i may not.  but i probably will.  but i might not.


the back says “modellskydd” “tavelfabr genevad.”  i can find absolutely no info on this.  still, it’s pretty cute in a grannyish way.

so – the weather.  it is 1000 degrees outside.  so unbelievably beautiful.  i’ve got the windows back open, the porch door is open, the SPF 50 sunblock is all over my upper body and i’ve got a new cheap lamp.  could fall get any better? yah, yah, the job thing. i could use a job.


i get my daily horoscope delivered to me via email every morning and i view them as gospel.

yesterday’s was telling:

You will have to demonstrate your endurance today, Kimberly. Much is required of you, and you have no choice but to make the contribution expected of you. There’s no way around it: you are a key player in the events swirling around you.

let’s face it.  i don’t get out much anymore.  i’m practically a shut-in.

the day before, however, an old friend of mine and i were emailing back and forth.  her 14 year old daughter wanted to participate in some MTV dance contest being held near boston.  she wanted to know if i wanted to join them.  “sure,” i said, “it’ll do me good to get out of the house.” 

then came the email, “would you mind driving?” 

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was the thought bubble above my head. 

lemme just say this – i’ve driven everywhere.  by myself.  back and forth cross country 8 times, sometimes driving a u-haul truck with a trailer carrying my car.  back before cell phones.  before mapquest.  before the GPS.  alone.  when you had to read maps.  i’ve been stranded on a pennsylvania turnpike with a flat tire.  by myself.  no cell phone!!!  sleeping in rest areas.  by myself.  i could go on and on, but let’s just say i’m a seasoned driver. 

but where is the worst place to drive?  boston.  it just is.  (ok, well maybe NYC, but i’ve never driven there, i’ve taken the train, i’m no fool.)  boston doesn’t make sense.  people really do drive like maniacs.  there’s horn blowing.  there’s red light running.  there’s weaving in and out of traffic.  there are gobs of one-way streets.  if you don’t know the area, it’s brutal. 

“you want ME to drive?  ME?  to boston?  boston?”

“sure.  i’ll do it.” 

far be it for me to crush the dreams of a 14 year old.  i couldn’t handle that kind of disappointment on my shoulders.

and so, saturday morning i read the above horoscope before the trek to unchartered cambridge, MA.  my gawd, the pressure.  people were depending on me.  relying on me.  i was “a key player in the events swirling around me” for gawd’s sake.  i’m not used to this.  people don’t depend on me.  i only take care of myself.     

i’d like to say we got there without a hitch.  but there was just one missed turn, just one, and that put us knee-deep in some downtown madness i had hoped to avoid.  not to mention there was some sporting event taking place that day with road closures and detours.  what?   thanks to a friendly bus driver at a red light whose attention i caught by flailing my arms, we were able to get pointed in the right direction and make it to our destination.

and i’ll be darned if that 14 year old didn’t take home the prize.  $300 buckeroos and a VIP screening to the opening of “burlesque” with 10 of her closest friends.  and a chance to win $5000 competing against all the other city winners. 

ashli dancing her ass off   


i gotta rest now.  that kind of pressure was exhausting.

that kid better mention me in her acceptance speech when she wins her first tony.   forget her mom who’s carted her to years and years of dance lessons.  let’s thank that lady who got her to her first contest and put $300 in her back pocket.  let’s thank that key player.

albino bat

i don’t do halloween anymore.  i just don’t.

i sound like such a scrooge. 

but for adults, it’s just kinda dumb, isn’t it?  if you don’t have kids?  like, what’s the point of dressing up or buying candy you can’t eat?  and i certainly don’t answer my doors to nobody in the ghetto, halloween or not. 

several years ago i had a co-worker friend who loved bats.  and then we suddenly weren’t friends anymore (long, ugly story) and she was no longer a co-worker.  in the time we were friends, i started to make a bat pillow for her.  well, several prototypes of bat pillows.  this all occurred while i was in my log cabin pillow phase.  turns out our friendship ended and since i’m not enamored with bats like she was, i never finished any of the pillows. 

well heck, it’s october and october means halloween and bats are halloweeny, so i decided to finish one.

as far as timelines go, this fits perfectly into my procrastination schedule.  3 years to finish a pillow?  perfect. 

now, anyone can make a black bat pillow, right?  that’s so obvious.  i decided to represent the ignored-at-halloween albino bat. 

via condé nast traveler



oh brother.

good lord, this is just not my cup of tea (or chalice of potion).  i can’t do cute. 

do i sound like a halloween snob?

i can absolutely do cute and tacky and kitsch at christmas – i almost insist upon it.  good taste at christmas just ruins the holiday for me.  good taste, schmood taste.  takes the fun right out of it.  but for any other holiday, i just can’t handle it.   

but i’m keeping her around for another 2 weeks.  i’m de-scroogeing.  what’s the harm?  it’s not as if anyone’s gonna see it, ‘cept you guys. 

which reminds me.  my pregnant friend had her baby on 10-10-10.  have i finished the baby quilt i was making for her?  nope.  i expect it to be done somewhere around 2013.

mad men season finale tonight.  this season has been SO good.  they’re all good, but this season was especially dark and gritty.

  “where can i find a great bat pillow?”

(you know i’m gonna be on the mad lookout for those bookends.)

what the heck am i going to look forward to on sunday nights now?  finishing that baby quilt?  hardly.   


why why why why why why why does there have to be a nor’easter coming tonight?

my reason for waking up in the morning, very early in the morning, will be in my state tonight for a book-signing and were it not for the pending nor’eastah, i’d be there in a heartbeat.  well, an hour and a half heartbeat.  it’s a little bit of a drive.  willie geist, who hosts msnbc’s way too early and sits in on morning joe will only be an hour and a half away from me signing his first book, american freak show.  and i wanna be there.  cuz i could use an in-person giggle or two.  dude makes me laugh.


oh, to be younger and fearless like i used to be.  i would drive in snowstorms in a non-4WD vehicle back in the day.   but now i can’t see very well in the dark, never mind in the dark in a driving rainstorm.  and this week my personal driver is on vacation.  oh the timing.  crud. 

pretty much this is a non-post post.  a post of what i’m not doing.  lame.

i’m feeling a need to go into winter hibernation in blogland.

welsh tapestry

i found part of my “holiday outfit”  in my favorite old lady thrift store, where the old lady volunteers have been known to hurl snide comments and ask none-of-your-business questions with their sweet faces over many an item i’ve come to purchase.  this trip i went unscathed, but i’ve received the “you’re not really going to wear this, are you?”  to “who wears aprons anymore?” to “oh for gawd’s sake, i mean, how many times can you actually wear this thing?”  i find them most entertaining.  got a vintage welsh tapestry maxi skirt in gorgeous plums, violets, pinks, and greens. 

am i invited to holiday parties?  well, no.  (and it’s not because there may have been one holiday party where i was asked to step away from the shrimp bowl and allow other guests to enjoy some shrimp.  apparently it wasn’t my personal shrimp bowl.)  it’s because normally i worked the nights parties were thrown.  that does not apply this year as i am currently unemployed.  so invite away.  and make sure there’s PLENTY of shrimp.   if i am invited, this would be the skirt i’d wear.  of course, today i discovered a miniscule hole but i think i can repair that no problem.  and heck, if i don’t wear it, i can drape it across the bottom of my bed as a fake blanket. 

“kim, is that a skirt you’re disguising as a blanket at the foot of your bed?”

“no, it’s a very expensive welsh wool blanket, fool.”

“why does it have a slit up the side?”

“you ask too many questions.”  

it’s similar to another piece of welsh tapestry clothing i own, a vintage brown patterned coat, (seen here).   well, similar in that it’s welsh tapestry.  other than that, they’re nothing alike. 


florals and gingham

i’m wearing socks

full time. 

double socks, even.  socks on socks.  my floors is cold.

i must accept summer is now over.  the flip flops and sandals must be retired.  oh it pains me so.  i’ve been chilled to the bone the past several days.

this weather certainly warrants the need for hot apple cider now.

and a side of turd. 

(ok, it’s not a turd.  it’s a gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free snack bar.)

does not have quite the visual appeal of a whoopie pie or a chocolate chip cookie.  gone are my days of the decadent snack.  woe is me.  i’m left with turds.

so, patchwork.

more patchwork. 

another pillow. 

quit yawning.

had an old (new) unused pillow form laying around naked and figured i’d wrap it in vintage florals.


gingham and vintage florals.  very D&G, spring 2011.  yes, it seems even the heavy hitters in fashion are embracing this granny-chic thing. 



(all photos via tom and lorenzo)

no quilting on this one.  just some patchwork with a floral backing.  small lumbar pillow.  perfect for lumbaring.  brightens up an otherwise dully upholstered saarinen executive office chair on these drizzly, gloomy days. 

the back:


$2 sad little thrift store table

i dunno.

i saw this picture:

photography by trine thorsen via emma’s design blogg


and impulsively decided to paint my little $2 table top white. 

i know they’re not even close to being the same thing, but there are similarities.  c’mon.  you can see ’em, can’t you?  3 legs.  triangle.  brown on the bottom. 

so i made it white on the top. 

i own a pair of clogs.  i’ll just throw them under the table and it’s almost the same thing!! 

i just need to remember to paint a gigantic yellow cross/plus sign on the wall in my next house or apartment.  then it will take a trained eye for sure to distinguish the two tables apart.  

speaking of plus sign – didja see “project runway” thursday night?  i settled in on my couch with a little snack expecting to enjoy a nice evening of a couple favorite tv shows.  i did not expect to cry for an hour and a half watching “project runway.”  mondo.  oh mondo.  i love him.  he is so fun to watch.  mondo designed some “plus sign” fabric.  if you watch it, you’ll know what i’m talking about.  and if you don’t watch, well, this won’t make any sense.  but the show put me through the wringer, boy.  probably one of the most lump-in-your-throat, heart-wrenching reality shows i’ve ever watched.  ever.  my eyes were swollen friday morning.  thank goodness i didn’t have a date friday night.