$2 sad little thrift store table

i dunno.

i saw this picture:

photography by trine thorsen via emma’s design blogg


and impulsively decided to paint my little $2 table top white. 

i know they’re not even close to being the same thing, but there are similarities.  c’mon.  you can see ’em, can’t you?  3 legs.  triangle.  brown on the bottom. 

so i made it white on the top. 

i own a pair of clogs.  i’ll just throw them under the table and it’s almost the same thing!! 

i just need to remember to paint a gigantic yellow cross/plus sign on the wall in my next house or apartment.  then it will take a trained eye for sure to distinguish the two tables apart.  

speaking of plus sign – didja see “project runway” thursday night?  i settled in on my couch with a little snack expecting to enjoy a nice evening of a couple favorite tv shows.  i did not expect to cry for an hour and a half watching “project runway.”  mondo.  oh mondo.  i love him.  he is so fun to watch.  mondo designed some “plus sign” fabric.  if you watch it, you’ll know what i’m talking about.  and if you don’t watch, well, this won’t make any sense.  but the show put me through the wringer, boy.  probably one of the most lump-in-your-throat, heart-wrenching reality shows i’ve ever watched.  ever.  my eyes were swollen friday morning.  thank goodness i didn’t have a date friday night.


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