florals and gingham

i’m wearing socks

full time. 

double socks, even.  socks on socks.  my floors is cold.

i must accept summer is now over.  the flip flops and sandals must be retired.  oh it pains me so.  i’ve been chilled to the bone the past several days.

this weather certainly warrants the need for hot apple cider now.

and a side of turd. 

(ok, it’s not a turd.  it’s a gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free snack bar.)

does not have quite the visual appeal of a whoopie pie or a chocolate chip cookie.  gone are my days of the decadent snack.  woe is me.  i’m left with turds.

so, patchwork.

more patchwork. 

another pillow. 

quit yawning.

had an old (new) unused pillow form laying around naked and figured i’d wrap it in vintage florals.


gingham and vintage florals.  very D&G, spring 2011.  yes, it seems even the heavy hitters in fashion are embracing this granny-chic thing. 



(all photos via tom and lorenzo)

no quilting on this one.  just some patchwork with a floral backing.  small lumbar pillow.  perfect for lumbaring.  brightens up an otherwise dully upholstered saarinen executive office chair on these drizzly, gloomy days. 

the back:


2 Comments on “florals and gingham”

  1. kelly says:

    I LOVE the red roses (peonies?) print on the back of your cheery pillow. I love that whole pillow.

    • fries in a cone says:

      only you could pinpoint the one piece of fabric that is not vintage. i bought the roses fabric at joann’s about 5 yrs ago because it had a vintage feel. all the rest are thrifted and vintage.

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