welsh tapestry

i found part of my “holiday outfit”  in my favorite old lady thrift store, where the old lady volunteers have been known to hurl snide comments and ask none-of-your-business questions with their sweet faces over many an item i’ve come to purchase.  this trip i went unscathed, but i’ve received the “you’re not really going to wear this, are you?”  to “who wears aprons anymore?” to “oh for gawd’s sake, i mean, how many times can you actually wear this thing?”  i find them most entertaining.  got a vintage welsh tapestry maxi skirt in gorgeous plums, violets, pinks, and greens. 

am i invited to holiday parties?  well, no.  (and it’s not because there may have been one holiday party where i was asked to step away from the shrimp bowl and allow other guests to enjoy some shrimp.  apparently it wasn’t my personal shrimp bowl.)  it’s because normally i worked the nights parties were thrown.  that does not apply this year as i am currently unemployed.  so invite away.  and make sure there’s PLENTY of shrimp.   if i am invited, this would be the skirt i’d wear.  of course, today i discovered a miniscule hole but i think i can repair that no problem.  and heck, if i don’t wear it, i can drape it across the bottom of my bed as a fake blanket. 

“kim, is that a skirt you’re disguising as a blanket at the foot of your bed?”

“no, it’s a very expensive welsh wool blanket, fool.”

“why does it have a slit up the side?”

“you ask too many questions.”  

it’s similar to another piece of welsh tapestry clothing i own, a vintage brown patterned coat, (seen here).   well, similar in that it’s welsh tapestry.  other than that, they’re nothing alike. 



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