why why why why why why why does there have to be a nor’easter coming tonight?

my reason for waking up in the morning, very early in the morning, will be in my state tonight for a book-signing and were it not for the pending nor’eastah, i’d be there in a heartbeat.  well, an hour and a half heartbeat.  it’s a little bit of a drive.  willie geist, who hosts msnbc’s way too early and sits in on morning joe will only be an hour and a half away from me signing his first book, american freak show.  and i wanna be there.  cuz i could use an in-person giggle or two.  dude makes me laugh.


oh, to be younger and fearless like i used to be.  i would drive in snowstorms in a non-4WD vehicle back in the day.   but now i can’t see very well in the dark, never mind in the dark in a driving rainstorm.  and this week my personal driver is on vacation.  oh the timing.  crud. 

pretty much this is a non-post post.  a post of what i’m not doing.  lame.

i’m feeling a need to go into winter hibernation in blogland.


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