albino bat

i don’t do halloween anymore.  i just don’t.

i sound like such a scrooge. 

but for adults, it’s just kinda dumb, isn’t it?  if you don’t have kids?  like, what’s the point of dressing up or buying candy you can’t eat?  and i certainly don’t answer my doors to nobody in the ghetto, halloween or not. 

several years ago i had a co-worker friend who loved bats.  and then we suddenly weren’t friends anymore (long, ugly story) and she was no longer a co-worker.  in the time we were friends, i started to make a bat pillow for her.  well, several prototypes of bat pillows.  this all occurred while i was in my log cabin pillow phase.  turns out our friendship ended and since i’m not enamored with bats like she was, i never finished any of the pillows. 

well heck, it’s october and october means halloween and bats are halloweeny, so i decided to finish one.

as far as timelines go, this fits perfectly into my procrastination schedule.  3 years to finish a pillow?  perfect. 

now, anyone can make a black bat pillow, right?  that’s so obvious.  i decided to represent the ignored-at-halloween albino bat. 

via condé nast traveler



oh brother.

good lord, this is just not my cup of tea (or chalice of potion).  i can’t do cute. 

do i sound like a halloween snob?

i can absolutely do cute and tacky and kitsch at christmas – i almost insist upon it.  good taste at christmas just ruins the holiday for me.  good taste, schmood taste.  takes the fun right out of it.  but for any other holiday, i just can’t handle it.   

but i’m keeping her around for another 2 weeks.  i’m de-scroogeing.  what’s the harm?  it’s not as if anyone’s gonna see it, ‘cept you guys. 

which reminds me.  my pregnant friend had her baby on 10-10-10.  have i finished the baby quilt i was making for her?  nope.  i expect it to be done somewhere around 2013.

mad men season finale tonight.  this season has been SO good.  they’re all good, but this season was especially dark and gritty.

  “where can i find a great bat pillow?”

(you know i’m gonna be on the mad lookout for those bookends.)

what the heck am i going to look forward to on sunday nights now?  finishing that baby quilt?  hardly.   


2 Comments on “albino bat”

  1. Linda says:

    Well, as I always say, “Why procrastinate when you can put it off”! 😎

    Love the bat pillow!

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