i get my daily horoscope delivered to me via email every morning and i view them as gospel.

yesterday’s was telling:

You will have to demonstrate your endurance today, Kimberly. Much is required of you, and you have no choice but to make the contribution expected of you. There’s no way around it: you are a key player in the events swirling around you.

let’s face it.  i don’t get out much anymore.  i’m practically a shut-in.

the day before, however, an old friend of mine and i were emailing back and forth.  her 14 year old daughter wanted to participate in some MTV dance contest being held near boston.  she wanted to know if i wanted to join them.  “sure,” i said, “it’ll do me good to get out of the house.” 

then came the email, “would you mind driving?” 

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was the thought bubble above my head. 

lemme just say this – i’ve driven everywhere.  by myself.  back and forth cross country 8 times, sometimes driving a u-haul truck with a trailer carrying my car.  back before cell phones.  before mapquest.  before the GPS.  alone.  when you had to read maps.  i’ve been stranded on a pennsylvania turnpike with a flat tire.  by myself.  no cell phone!!!  sleeping in rest areas.  by myself.  i could go on and on, but let’s just say i’m a seasoned driver. 

but where is the worst place to drive?  boston.  it just is.  (ok, well maybe NYC, but i’ve never driven there, i’ve taken the train, i’m no fool.)  boston doesn’t make sense.  people really do drive like maniacs.  there’s horn blowing.  there’s red light running.  there’s weaving in and out of traffic.  there are gobs of one-way streets.  if you don’t know the area, it’s brutal. 

“you want ME to drive?  ME?  to boston?  boston?”

“sure.  i’ll do it.” 

far be it for me to crush the dreams of a 14 year old.  i couldn’t handle that kind of disappointment on my shoulders.

and so, saturday morning i read the above horoscope before the trek to unchartered cambridge, MA.  my gawd, the pressure.  people were depending on me.  relying on me.  i was “a key player in the events swirling around me” for gawd’s sake.  i’m not used to this.  people don’t depend on me.  i only take care of myself.     

i’d like to say we got there without a hitch.  but there was just one missed turn, just one, and that put us knee-deep in some downtown madness i had hoped to avoid.  not to mention there was some sporting event taking place that day with road closures and detours.  what?   thanks to a friendly bus driver at a red light whose attention i caught by flailing my arms, we were able to get pointed in the right direction and make it to our destination.

and i’ll be darned if that 14 year old didn’t take home the prize.  $300 buckeroos and a VIP screening to the opening of “burlesque” with 10 of her closest friends.  and a chance to win $5000 competing against all the other city winners. 

ashli dancing her ass off   


i gotta rest now.  that kind of pressure was exhausting.

that kid better mention me in her acceptance speech when she wins her first tony.   forget her mom who’s carted her to years and years of dance lessons.  let’s thank that lady who got her to her first contest and put $300 in her back pocket.  let’s thank that key player.


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