thrifted lamp

wood, black, brass, vintage.

those ingredients seem to be what i’m drawn to.

and oh yah, handmade.

i ran into a thrift store last night and bought this lamp for $3.  and it’s handmade! (and wood, and black and brass).

what drew me to it was the base.  (i think that’s the only part that’s handmade.)

i’ve seen this shape before somewhere and i love it, but when i turned the lamp upside down, in pencil were the words “made by….” 

i can’t really make out the whole thing, but the handmade slant made me love it more.  made by sharen (?) in durham, ct?  some school? does that say elementary school?  cuz who makes a lamp in elementary school???  if so, i’m impressed.   i already own a few gooseneck lamps, but sometimes you just need to pick up the one-of-a-kind items.  especially if it was made by someone in elementary school.  and it works. that’s some gifted lamp prodigy talent, i’d say. 

masculine, danish-y, a little worn, and cheap.  my kinda lamp.


not to be confused with my kinda man. 

and then i picked up this little hook holder thing.  i waffled back and forth, do i want this? do i need this? is it my style?  but again – when something is 99 cents, it’s hard to say no.  it’s foreign (swedish?) and again, black and goldish and vintage.  i may paint it down the road.  and then again, i may not.  but i probably will.  but i might not.


the back says “modellskydd” “tavelfabr genevad.”  i can find absolutely no info on this.  still, it’s pretty cute in a grannyish way.

so – the weather.  it is 1000 degrees outside.  so unbelievably beautiful.  i’ve got the windows back open, the porch door is open, the SPF 50 sunblock is all over my upper body and i’ve got a new cheap lamp.  could fall get any better? yah, yah, the job thing. i could use a job.


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