i still get a bad twinge in my gut when i think back to mondo not winning project runway this season.  that weren’t right.


in keeping with the “house in a house” themed ornaments, i made “mondo in a condo” (although it’s really just mondo in a house).  but “mondo in a condo” sounds better.

some vintage fabric for the back –


i’m thinking tv might influence my life too much.

satellite 127

i will never understand the appeal of black friday.  crowds.  people.  traffic.  waiting in lines.  everywhere.  who thinks this is fun?  i just don’t get it. 

i had to pop into joann fabrics for a couple supplies on black friday and i actually had to wait in line.  i hate waiting in lines.  normally i refuse and just come back when it’s less busy, but i had a couple coupons so i guess that evened things out.  since i was out and nearby, i also popped into goodwill.  everything was half-off, so i had a look-see.  found another vintage plastic camera for 50¢.  this one is in a pretty aqua color, compared to that other (black) one i found over the summer.  and i couldn’t beat the price. 

an imperial satellite 127:

doesn’t 3 items make for an official collection?  isn’t that what i learned from christopher lowell back in the 90s?  one more camera and i’ve officially got another collection on my hands.  great.


who watches the show house

i’ll tell ya who.  my sister, that’s who.

(and me.  i watch it, too. every monday.  and i fall asleep other nights to reruns.)

but she positively loves house and hugh laurie in particular.  and can we blame her? 

(i’m in love with the furniture and lamps on that show.)

so i have made “house in a house” for her. 

an ornament. 

because i’m amazing like that. 

it is sorta kinda supposed to be her new house.  or, essence of her house, if you will.

a reminder, sister’s house:

the front door is purple, but you can’t tell from this photo cuz the door is open.

here’s a little purple:

and now – house in her house:

or as we say in the ‘hood,  hizzy in da hizzy. 

the back is vintage material.  it looks christmas-y, yes?


i kept the house ornament simple on purpose, but i think it could use more detail.  i’ve got some others i’m working on…we’ll see…i’ll make a few versions cuz my OCD has kicked in.   

and yah, i’ve made a few more goats.

happy thanksgiving!

dancing potatoes!

me?  i’ll be cooking up the traditional thanksgiving baked french fries. 

but first, a workout.

enjoy your holiday!

scandinavia finds

i pop into thrift stores only every now and again these days and normally don’t find much.  turns out i found decent stuff this past week.  yesterday also got me a few items.

first up, norway.

this was an unexpected $2 score.

a teeny cathrineholm pot with lid.  i have (2) bigger sizes of these in white with green.  the white with orange was a nice find.  this is my first “white with orange lotus leaves” cathrineholm, although i do own the orange with white coffeepot/teakettle.  i like the size.  a perfect small pot. 

next up – finland.

later that afternoon in the christmas aisle in goodwill were these 2 wooden angels, marked aarikka finland. again – i’ll buy anything made in sweden, denmark, norway, finland.  the boy angel was missing its halo.

lemme tell ya, i searched high and low for that halo, and son-of-a-gun if i didn’t find it on a non-christmas aisle shelf.  took me about a half hour, but SUCCESS!

(do i search this hard for a job? hmmm.)

just need to glue it down now.

didn’t find these exact guys on the website, so not sure how old they are. they don’t strike me as real old, but they could be.  the business has been around since 1954.

also found another vintage bottle brush tree.


merry christmas to me.

peaceful hike

i got my peaceful, non-police sirened walk in this past saturday.

and had a nice reward afterwards.

as far as crafting some funny ornaments, well, uh, it’s quite possible they’re only funny to me. 

i only made a couple.  and they’re not very christmas-y.  but there is a string in their heads which makes them official ornaments.  put a looped string on anything, it’s an ornament.  that’s my motto. 

not matt lauer with hair.

not christopher meloni.

and then there’s this:

not dennis miller.

and not a chubby jesus.

not glen campbell with a beard.

put ’em together and it becomes quite obvious.

well, of course, it’s mike and frank/frank and mike from american pickers.  duh. 

use your imagination now.

(this post may have been premature.  i’ve still got to make danielle.)

i rilly gotta get a job.


i made the goats and then immediately became bored with the goats.  goats just aren’t funny.  i need a funny ornament.  or a more “of-the-moment” ornament.  something more current event-y.   current event-y and funny. 

don’t get me wrong.  i think these are cute-as-hell. 

i just need to move forward and create something more funny. 

that said, here are the GOATS!!!!

non-funny, traditional, scandinavian non-milked goats

today i’m going to hike somewhere out in the wilderness.  somewhere far far away from the ghetto.  it could very well be the last gorgeous, warm day of 2010.  i must take advantage.  yesterday i opted to take a 20 minute walk downtown to the post office and missed a bank robbery by *this much.* as i was trekking home, i swear every police officer on duty came whizzing past me at mock speed with blaring sirens.  this does not make for a peaceful hike.

today’s agenda – peaceful hike.  funny ornaments.

i made a goat.

high on my priority list this time of year is getting a job coming up with a creative christmas ornament.  something simple, something different.

because i’m enamored with all things scandinavian, i thought i’d make a traditional swedish goat.

i thought there was a goat in the christmas song the 12 days of christmas –   8 goats a-milking.  it’s not goats.  it’s maids.  the 8 maids are a-milking.  and i don’t think they’re milking goats.  maybe they should be milking goats.  let’s represent the goat from now on, i say.  at least one goat.  let one maid milk one goat. 

my goat is not straw.  i’m allergic.  go figure.  and let’s face it – i wouldn’t even know how to begin to make a straw goat. 

my goat is felt.  wool felt.  strangely, i’m not allergic to working with wool felt.  i even wear wool sweaters, but after a little while they do make my eyes itch and my neck itch.  i suffer so. 

found an image on a swedish tablecloth on ebay and went from there. 

now i just need to make a whole tribe of goats.  christmas 2010.  year of the traditional non-milked goat.


a quick stop into goodwill sunday afternoon netted me two items from denmark.

an orange rosti fork.

out of all the rosti utensils i’ve picked up here and there over the years, i’ve never managed to get an orange piece.  perhaps my cooking will improve with an orange fork.

and then, a classic møbler chair.


has a shaker feel to it.  it was $10.  not bad for a piece of danish furniture these days. 

there was actually a  molded fiberglass chair there for 6 bucks (another krueger chair, no arms) but i left it there.  honestly, i don’t need any more chairs and the color was bland beige.  still, a smokin’ deal at $6.  i’ll let someone else have it.  it’s the least i can do.

speaking of soup…

i picked up this soup tureen last week sometime.

or maybe it’s just a gigantic sugar bowl.

who needs a soup tureen when you just eat soup from the saucepan standing over the stove, you ask?

no, i’m not that pathetic (yet), but i DID start to do just that last week and made myself stop.  that is just wrong – to eat dinner standing up over the stove.  it’s much better eating dinner in front of the computer.  sitting down.  refined-like.     

anyway – it’s from salem china, but i couldn’t find the name of the pattern.  i like the sailing town graphics.  i like a sailing town.  yes, that’s probably me you’ve seen loitering down around those sailing town docks. 

sure, it’s got some crazing, but no chips, no cracks. 

i like the houses.  or buildings.  whatever they are.  i like ’em.  i don’t foresee ever using the bowl, but it looks good sitting on a shelf.

we had SNOW!  it’s gone now, but that ain’t funny, man.  as a matter of fact, it reached darn near 60° today.  talk about your mood swings, ma nature.