soup and fries

it’s soup and fries weather.

(that pot is heating up lentil soup.  lentil soup itself does not make for a pretty picture.  that pot, however, is pure beauty.)

and homemade baked red potato fries.  i’m not the best cook in the world, but these fries have darn good flavor.

soup and fries.  i’d go to a cute little dive restaurant that served only soup and fries.  nobody else would go, but i would.  ok, soup and fries and beer.

green’s endeavour – the best gluten-free beer ever.  i love a hearty beer.  mmm-mmm. 

this isn’t a dive restaurant, but how perfect is this?  i’d love soup and fries and beer here. 

(no idea where i swiped this photo from, apologizes.)



3 Comments on “soup and fries”

  1. Lentil soup can be a thing of beauty if you add fresh greens and fresh lemon. Traditional middle eastern! I really enjoy the Endeavor Dubbel Dark, great beer and the best I have tried so far. Fresh homemade fries are awesome too. Really great if you use grassfed tallow to fry them in!!!

    • fries in a cone says:

      methinks you’re far more sophisticated in the kitchen than i. i don’t believe i’ve ever had grass fed tallow on any shopping list of mine. but thank you for my kitchen lesson of-the-day. i didn’t even know what tallow was. perhaps i could massage future clients with grass fed tallow? i just like saying grass fed tallow.

  2. My wife is the awesome cook! I just get to reap the benefits although she does really enjoy food from my heritage, like lentil soup. Find your local grassfed producer through, not many producers are keeping the tallow unfortunately, but if you ask the next time they are taking an animal to slaughter if you can buy the fat for $0.50 a lb they will probably do it. You will never want to fry french fries in anything else. That is why McDonalds fries use to be so good years ago, beef tallow. They don’t use tallow anymore unfortunately. I’ll find you a picture of our lentil soup, I am sure my wife has one somewhere. 🙂 If you can get some tallow, then touch base with me and we can go over what to do with it after you get, you don’t just start using it but it will be worth the effort and the health benefits are tremendous. 🙂

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