speaking of soup…

i picked up this soup tureen last week sometime.

or maybe it’s just a gigantic sugar bowl.

who needs a soup tureen when you just eat soup from the saucepan standing over the stove, you ask?

no, i’m not that pathetic (yet), but i DID start to do just that last week and made myself stop.  that is just wrong – to eat dinner standing up over the stove.  it’s much better eating dinner in front of the computer.  sitting down.  refined-like.     

anyway – it’s from salem china, but i couldn’t find the name of the pattern.  i like the sailing town graphics.  i like a sailing town.  yes, that’s probably me you’ve seen loitering down around those sailing town docks. 

sure, it’s got some crazing, but no chips, no cracks. 

i like the houses.  or buildings.  whatever they are.  i like ’em.  i don’t foresee ever using the bowl, but it looks good sitting on a shelf.

we had SNOW!  it’s gone now, but that ain’t funny, man.  as a matter of fact, it reached darn near 60° today.  talk about your mood swings, ma nature.


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