i made a goat.

high on my priority list this time of year is getting a job coming up with a creative christmas ornament.  something simple, something different.

because i’m enamored with all things scandinavian, i thought i’d make a traditional swedish goat.

i thought there was a goat in the christmas song the 12 days of christmas –   8 goats a-milking.  it’s not goats.  it’s maids.  the 8 maids are a-milking.  and i don’t think they’re milking goats.  maybe they should be milking goats.  let’s represent the goat from now on, i say.  at least one goat.  let one maid milk one goat. 

my goat is not straw.  i’m allergic.  go figure.  and let’s face it – i wouldn’t even know how to begin to make a straw goat. 

my goat is felt.  wool felt.  strangely, i’m not allergic to working with wool felt.  i even wear wool sweaters, but after a little while they do make my eyes itch and my neck itch.  i suffer so. 

found an image on a swedish tablecloth on ebay and went from there. 

now i just need to make a whole tribe of goats.  christmas 2010.  year of the traditional non-milked goat.


4 Comments on “i made a goat.”

  1. Linda says:

    Very cute goat! I like it better than the straw goat, and it looks VERY Scandanavian…..8-]

  2. Linda H says:

    That’s so great. Any chance of a pattern and tutorial, or are you selling them? I would love one for my tree.

    • fries in a cone says:

      Ha Ha, thanks! Goodness, I made these years ago and they are currently stashed away in a storage unit in another state. I would sell you one in a heartbeat if I had one close by. They’re super simple to make. I think you could just trace the pattern from the picture. Cut out 2 pieces from felt, use a box stitch to stitch together, stuff it and glue on some trim. I made a bunch of these and you can read up on them in other posts of mine. Good luck and have fun. (Should be buying a house soon, and in turn retrieving my belongings from said storage unit, and in turn perhaps selling A TON of stuff in the coming year. By next year I’ll definitely have one for you to buy if you’re still interested. Merry Christmas!!!

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