i made the goats and then immediately became bored with the goats.  goats just aren’t funny.  i need a funny ornament.  or a more “of-the-moment” ornament.  something more current event-y.   current event-y and funny. 

don’t get me wrong.  i think these are cute-as-hell. 

i just need to move forward and create something more funny. 

that said, here are the GOATS!!!!

non-funny, traditional, scandinavian non-milked goats

today i’m going to hike somewhere out in the wilderness.  somewhere far far away from the ghetto.  it could very well be the last gorgeous, warm day of 2010.  i must take advantage.  yesterday i opted to take a 20 minute walk downtown to the post office and missed a bank robbery by *this much.* as i was trekking home, i swear every police officer on duty came whizzing past me at mock speed with blaring sirens.  this does not make for a peaceful hike.

today’s agenda – peaceful hike.  funny ornaments.


3 Comments on “GOATS!!!”

  1. kelly says:

    Your stitching is perfection! I love the light blue one with the little white tail.

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