who watches the show house

i’ll tell ya who.  my sister, that’s who.

(and me.  i watch it, too. every monday.  and i fall asleep other nights to reruns.)

but she positively loves house and hugh laurie in particular.  and can we blame her? 

(i’m in love with the furniture and lamps on that show.)

so i have made “house in a house” for her. 

an ornament. 

because i’m amazing like that. 

it is sorta kinda supposed to be her new house.  or, essence of her house, if you will.

a reminder, sister’s house:

the front door is purple, but you can’t tell from this photo cuz the door is open.

here’s a little purple:

and now – house in her house:

or as we say in the ‘hood,  hizzy in da hizzy. 

the back is vintage material.  it looks christmas-y, yes?


i kept the house ornament simple on purpose, but i think it could use more detail.  i’ve got some others i’m working on…we’ll see…i’ll make a few versions cuz my OCD has kicked in.   

and yah, i’ve made a few more goats.


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