satellite 127

i will never understand the appeal of black friday.  crowds.  people.  traffic.  waiting in lines.  everywhere.  who thinks this is fun?  i just don’t get it. 

i had to pop into joann fabrics for a couple supplies on black friday and i actually had to wait in line.  i hate waiting in lines.  normally i refuse and just come back when it’s less busy, but i had a couple coupons so i guess that evened things out.  since i was out and nearby, i also popped into goodwill.  everything was half-off, so i had a look-see.  found another vintage plastic camera for 50¢.  this one is in a pretty aqua color, compared to that other (black) one i found over the summer.  and i couldn’t beat the price. 

an imperial satellite 127:

doesn’t 3 items make for an official collection?  isn’t that what i learned from christopher lowell back in the 90s?  one more camera and i’ve officially got another collection on my hands.  great.


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